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Atomy is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that sells various products in health & personal care categories. While the company might at first seem like a very legitimate service provider, there are still some people who call it a scam or a pyramid scheme.

Part of the controversy around Atomy is quickly explained by the nature of the business. Some people can't stand network marketing while some people love it.

The consumer market is packed with several programs that aim to help you health & wellness products using multi-level marketing. Atomy program might seem like a relatively new startup, that is experimenting with various avenues of making a profit and attracting clients.

However, Atomy has been around already since 2009 since it was founded by a South Korean man called Han-Gill Park!

Distributors of Atomy claim you that it's a suitable business opportunity for novice entrepreneurs to start sharpen your business skills and make a life-changing income, while at the same time +95% of the new members fail without making any money with the network marketing companies like Atomy. If you are already an experienced network marketer, you can make big money with Atomy or basically with any other MLM-company.

Several Atomy reviews online tout that the company consists of various negative aspects, which can cause concern (more on these aspects further...) Besides that, they also have a quite poorly developed website interface, whereby some features of the site are not well structured.

Considering that Atomy is already a relatively big company I would assume that they would have a better website. Who knows if they are currently updating it..?

The atomy MLM business opportynity aims to attract unsuspecting individuals who are still new to MLM as a business venture. While they may seem to have several reasonable product categories and money-making schemes, new members often fail to help anyone make a profit unless you know what you are doing OR  follow this guide.

Some of these main categories include:

  • Skincare: Products for morning and evening routines. Besides that, other skin care products include lotions, sunscreens and moisturizers.
  • Men's Care: This category include products that are solely dedicated to men including aftershave, perfumes, inner ware and more.
  • Home Care: Including various products that are commonly used at homes such as hygiene products and more.
  • Personal care: These are used for personal care purposes including hair & body wash, creams & numerous beauty products.

    The Atomy compensation plan is classified in relation to your sales, team sales and bonuses. Your commissions on the Atomy MLM program are based on the sales and points level that a particular individual earns. 

    The levels available on the Atomy include sales representatives, agent, special agents, dealers and the exclusive distributors. Each member of the company is compensated in relation to the number of sales and revenue that they generate. The higher you move in the pyaramid  company, the more money you will naturally earn.

    In the other words, the more members you recruit and the more products you sell, the more money you will earn.

    Furthermore, it’s also important to note that each product and its price is associated with a specific commission value. For instance, a product with a 20$ value at the website might be associated with a 100,000 PV points based level.

    In order to receive the commission, distributors often have to achieve a specific PV level, based on purchases which are paid in relation to various other factors. More so, the general commission for any distributor at the platform averages at 4%, whereby each member receives information every week.

    Besides that, there is also a multi-matching bonus, which makes up for 2% of the general commission level, but only reserved for the qualified members of the company. Additionally, each mastership is also available with a specific monthly cash bonus, with percentages that decrease as you earn.

    There are also bonuses, that are offered to you once you achieve the `sales master` level. This then allows you to open your unique Atomy centre, at specific locations and to instruct new members to sell new products. That being said, it is good to acknowledge that moving up in the ranking and making big money will also require lots of effort from you.

    According to the Atomy and even to their own website, once all your PV points are calculated, the final results are then forwarded to the head of finances and the business for review. Once the amount is cleared, the amount is then forwarded to the preferred payment method that was chosen by the individual. However, some users have sometimes complained about receiving inconsistent payments and commission in relation to what is expected.

    Making money with atomy is a very simple and straightforward procedure. The first method how you can make money through the Atomy is by selling their products.Once you sell a product, you earn a commission. The more products you sell, the more commissions you earn.

    One of the main benefits of promoting Atomy products can be that it contains several product categories, which you can use to your advantage. Before selling product on the MLM platform, ensure that you conduct a bit of market research to ensure that you make informed decisions

    Some of the product categories are likely to attract larger sales amounts as when compared to their counterparts. My recommendation is that you sell bundles or packages instead of just 1 or 2 products.

  • Sell skincare for a woman.
  • Man's care products for his man.
  • Beauty products as gifts to their friends.

    You can sell all of these 3 things to 1 single person. She will buy from you some products to herself but also to the other people. Or you can sell lots of products to her so her 'supply' will not run out quickly.

    Selling Atomy products on successfully might require a little bit of experience before you can achieve reasonable PV points. Any novice market might face various challenges in marketing the products, and most of the staff at the website are also sometimes highly unresponsive.

    The best advice if you want want to make Big money with Atomy, is to follow my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide that teaches you every single step to get started.

    Getting in contact with some Atomy support staff individuals might take a few days, and during this time, most of the entrepreneurs have often moved on to explore greener pastures. I am answering ALL the questions that I receive 1-5 times a day to be able to provide you the best help to create a life-changing income online.
    Another major method how you can make money with atomy is by recruiting new members. The platform is often searching for new members to add to their sales programs. For every new member that you recruit into the program, you will receive a specific commission amount for your needs.

    The process occurs through the use of a special referral code that you use to demonstrate the successful referral. However, some users have sometimes complained about the fact that this amount never gets reflected on their final payouts from the system.

    It's also important to note that recruiting a new member means that it’s an entirely new individual to the Atomy MLM platform. Any user who has previously registered in the system database might not be regarded as a new user, thereby meaning that you receive zero earnings.

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