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All MLM Software Plans are Different from each other’s and have different Prices Omega Softwares Provide all MLM software Plans at affordable price below are the plans and explanations

  1. Binary MLM Plan
  • a most popular plan among MLM companies, network marketers, part-timers and members who want to earn through MLM business. MLM Software India developed and designed lot of Binary Plan MLM Software for various fully satisfied MLM companies.


  • MLM (multi-level marketing) companies where new joiners introduced into Binary Tree structure i.e. one on left and another on right sub-tree. Generally, one side sub-tree is referred to as Power leg while other is Profit leg. New members in the power leg placed under a leaf available node of the binary tree, when a member works to grow his Profit leg, some compensation distributed calculated by a formula using certain value matched with Power leg that may be 1:1 or 2:1

2. Board MLM Plan

  • The Board plan is most popular plan among all the others plan is the MLM Board plan. It is also called as revolving matrix plan. The design of the Board Plan is a 2X2 Matrix is also known as 2X2 Matrix Cycle. This plan includes single board system, Double board system and multi board system.
  • For example: 2 members on your first level (1, 2)+ 4 members on your second level (3,4,5,6) = 6 members in your matrix= 1 CYCLE = $100


  • Omega Softwares Board Plan MLM Software, We include the following option to manage the matrix cycle
  • Board/Matrix Cycle Plan commission setting
  • View Boards
  • Search board
  • View board Commission

3. Generation MLM Plan


4. MLM Hybrid plan

  • MLM Hybrid plan is very old plan in the marketing business. Hybrid plan is a combination of two or more traditional compensations plan. It is used by the multilevel marketing company for growth and development of the business services. Hybrid MLM plan consists of one sales force classification. Here, everyone can be considered as a distributor, there are no sales leaders.
  • To Know the more about the plans how its work or what is pricing and all

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