At least 72 people were killed in a fire in the old part of Bangladesh's capital Dhaka.

A fire destroyed at least five buildings in the old part of Bangladesh's capital Dhaka and killed at least 72 people. Officials and witnesses said on 20 Feb 2019 Thursday.

Around 55 people were injured and the fire in Dhaka was not fully controlled.

The Chaw bazar area where the fire is burning is filled with buildings separated by narrow alleys. The area is a mix of residential and commercial buildings that often have shops, And house, restaurants or warehouses on the ground floor.

The flame started on Wednesday night in a building, said Gen. Ahmed. He said that the rescuers had recovered at least 45 bodies while they were working to keep the flame under control. Some destroyed buildings have chemicals and plastics in the storage room.

Most buildings are used for residential and commercial purposes, although there is a warning of the possibility of a high fire after at least 123 people died in 2010. Officers have promised to bring the building under regulations and eliminating chemical warehouses from residential buildings

Samantha Lal Sen, the head of the combustion unit at Dhaka Hospital, Medical College, said the number of deaths continues to increase due to the disorder of some hurt people.

Sen said that at least nine people were injured in his unit.

Witnesses told the local television station that a large number of gas tanks stored in the building continued to explode. They said the fire still ignited in the fuel tanks of some vehicles that were stuck in traffic in front of the destroyed buildings