Trump said, Very bad condition between Bharat and Pakistan on pulbama attack.

Explain the current situation between India and Pakistan as "terrible". US President Donald Trump Friday said that his administration contacted both sides and hoped that the war would end in the valley soon.

"Now between Pakistan and hindustan there is a very bad condition. Very dangerous condition We want to see it (fight). Stop. A lot of people are killed. We want to see it stop. We are very involved in the process (process), "Trump told reporters at the Oval Office USA.

The US president is answering questions about the terrorist attacks last week in the Pulwama Jammu and Kashmir, where 44 Indian security officials were killed. Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) in Pakistan claimed responsibility for the attack.

"Bharat is looking for something very strong. India lost almost 50 attacks. I can understand it as well, "Trump added. His administration is talking with officials in both countries.

We are talking about many people. It will be a very delicate balance. There are many problems between India and Pakistan because of what has just happened, "he said.

The president said that the United States has improved relations with Pakistan and worked for meetings with Pakistani leaders and officials.

"I clogged paying Pakistan for $ 1.3 billion that we had paid. In the meantime, we may hold a meeting with Pakistan. Pakistan is very advantageous from the United States under other presidents. We pay Pakistan $ 1.3 billion annually. I ended up paying that because they didn't help us in the way I should have, "Trump said.