Students should be prepared for advanced technology artificial Intelligence : President Ram Nath Kovind.

Emphasizing that artificial intelligence and technological progress will be the highlight of this century, President Ram Nath Kovind on Monday, calling for students to prepare to deal with the development of new technologies on a global scale

He is speaking at the opening ceremony of the DAV College's Centennial Celebration. He said that the country has received a world-class technical title. Knowledge-based education is the need of the hour because it will open a new and wider horizon for students in all fields. He also recommends that students learn how to adapt in their personal and professional lives in order to be more successful.

The president who studied at DAV College from 1965 to 1967 said, "In those days, life in the dormitory was very quiet and peaceful. We often come to Green Park Stadium opposite the college and sit on the stairs to study in a peaceful environment. "

The President revealed the statue of the late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a senior member of DAV Kum Kum. Swaroop praised the progress of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Excellence Center, Atal Dwar and the Atal Auditorium Revision. She also announced that it would provide education. Free to Supriya, the daughter of Pradeep Piyadaph, who was killed in the attack on Pulama.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, MP Murli Manohar Joshi, Minister Minister Satish Mahana, DAV Member, Nagendra Management College Swaroop Kum Kum Swaroop, Gaurvendra Swaroop and the headmaster of Ashok Kumar College are on the occasion of Governor Ram Naik. unhealthy

Later, the president attended the alumni meeting at BNSD Shiksha Niketan and photographed with alumni. Two of his classmates, Vidya Sagar Sharma and Hiral Lal, were invited to meet him.

The President also received blessings from his teachers, including Hari Ram Kapoor (92), Triloki Nath Tandon (85) and Pyarey Lal Varma (92). The teacher was happy to meet Wind and remember that he was a student who wanted Very curious He wanted to know about domestic and international events that occurred in those days.