Coinbase Wallet Adds Support for BTC, Community Asks Which Year It Is

The Coinbase Coin, proposed by the Coinbase Exchange, announced that they had added Bitcoin (BTC). The community goes away from the head and wonders if the news was returned in 2009 will be a big news. However, the announcement marks an important issue for the product, which is different from the Coinbase customers that are used by many as a crypto kit.

Wallbase Wallet has already supported Ethereum (ETH) and more than 100,000 ERC20 collections and ERC20 collectors created in Ethereum.

Updating Bitcoin's new kit will be released for all users of iOS and Android next week.

In the official blog post, the team behind the bag writes: "Our goal in Coinbase Wallet is to create the world-standard mobile phone for users Bitcoin support is a step further in this guide, "Later," We also work to support Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and speed sensors. "

The community is very worried that the big coup does not support the largest drop in bank bribes. "What year do you live in Coinbase?" The Twitter user @LetheanIO asks in response. Others simply add gifs back to the blockbusters in the future and others with their emotions.
However, the company explains that "the Coinbase Wallet application is the money used in the Coinbase used on mobile phones. can buy crypto and Coinbase keep it (with your own keybinding) for you, with the Coinbase Wallet, which stores your own crypto (saved by a specific key you just know.) "

Coinbase funds help BTC, asking about a community for next year 102The Wallbase wallet.

Since August 2018, the Coinbase Wallet is known as Toshi, which was co-financed by the Coinbase team in 2017. When the product was released, the site was first reported on the website dapp (modern application). Later, it became the first chalk to build crypto production.

"Our goal is to make crypto management and access to decentralized websites easily as installing your mobile apps, and in part of our efforts to be the most reliable marketer in the air, The Coinbase Wallet, your own key is safe with the use of secure technology and biometric tools in your mind, "explains Coinbase in August.

The bag has been renewed in November 2018. Since then, users have been able to see the value of their portfolio at their coming pace, and has introduced a new gallery for gleaning from dapps.

And while netizens interact with junk for Coinbase, the team also announced that it supports PayPal's revenue for all EU and consumer customers in the Free Trade Association Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland). The announcement added, "Before PayPal, SEPA [Payments and Payments] and the British Decent Payments are the only option for European customers to withdraw from [ The unity of one of the most convenient and user-friendly businesses, in addition to PayPal because of the choice from European consumers, offers another great alternative to getting rid of money. "

If you are not one of those areas, there is hope for you. "Are international trade or US not in the European Union, we are working to support PayPal support in 2019, so be careful," concludes the conclusion the team.