The United States, England, France pushed for the terrorist tag of Jaish, chief Masood Azhar.

France, the United Kingdom and the United States launched a new auction on Wednesday to name Masood Azhar, founder of Jaish-e-Mohammed. Which is located in Pakistan which carries out attacks on Pulwama and others as a terrorist appointed by the United Nations To reduce tension and restrain exercise.  The United States split up calling for control of both India and Pakistan in the view of Pakistan's response to responding to Indian air attacks in the Jaish training camp in Balakot, Pakistan. But it was told to Pakistan that it is important to terrorism by following the "commitment to denying terrorists that are safe and restricting access to UN funds".
France is the new leader and the fourth person tries to bring Azhar to the blacklist of the United Nations, including the set he founded after he was released from India in 1999 in exchange for Indian airline passengers. Which was hijacked by five people managing Jaish's Balakot camp in India on Tuesday
All three previous attempts were blocked by China, which referred to the lack of sufficient evidence to connect Al-Qaeda or the Islamic state under the rule appointed by the sanctions committee established by the Council resolution. United Nations Security Assign it to 1267
The response was waiting from the permanent mission of France to the United Nations to question whether if feeling a new attempt as a shepherd has a better chance of success than the previous movement. The answer is waiting from the United States, which involves two thirds of the previous effort.
Indian officials are confident about the new movement in the background. They said that from the terrorist attack on Pulwama on February 14, at least 40 CRPF officials were killed by a suicide bomber in Azhar -e-Mohammed's Jaish attack claimed responsibility.

"There is a direct link between the Pulwama attack conducted by Jaish-e-Mohammed of Azhar and the Balakot camp run by Yusuf Azhar, the brother-in-law of one of the five Indian Airlines airlines at IC-814, who are on the criminal list. That needs the CBI, "the Indian counter-terrorism official said.
The process of gathering cases for the UN sanctions committee is technical, perseverance and secret. The content of the three previous proposals that were moved for Azhar's appointment is still a secret, as well as the cause of their failure in the jamming of some Indian experts and diplomats. Secret committee and process opacity
"In an age where people who receive more information need more transparency from public institutions, the Punishment Committee is the most formidable example of multilateral recognition in terms of opacity and irresponsibility." Akbaruddin, a multilateral UN and the role of the world body in November last
He did not name 15 members, 1267 members who voted secretly and unanimously added to the list of terrorists who were punished. Referring to that process without naming again. Akbaruddin said, "They did not inform us that due to a negative vote from their 15 members, they decided not to punish the organization or person proposed by Any member state. "
Azhar is the most well-known beneficiary of the opaque process that is used according to the information provided by China, just to support Pakistan's support, which hosts Jaime Lashkar and countless other terrorist groups. Terrorism problems that are spreading
JeM, a set founded by Azhar, is on the United Nations list since 2001, along with Lashkar-e-Toiba. Which carried out terrorist attacks in 2008 in Mumbai with more than 160 deaths. Observers and experts were fascinated by China's opposition to Azhar's appointment because it had not changed much for the target group, even though the UN member countries. Will have to throw the exiled person not allowed to travel or buy weapons
Lashkar-e-Toiba, founder of Hafiz, Saeed said that it is a good example of the limited impact of the UN's determination. He was blacklisted in 2008, but remained independent in Pakistan for many years. For this reason, despite having a $ 10 million bounty from being arrested and prosecuted He mentioned and participated in a large public gathering with the cabinet members of the Prime Minister Imran