UP Board’s high school and intermediate 2019: Over 6.45 lakh students left exam midway.

6.45 lakh students have left the high school of the UP board and the middle level exam in the middle of Thursday this year. With two days remaining for the Class 12 exam to summarize the number of applicants who resigned from the middle exam this year can reach 6.50 lakh, officials said on Thursday.

They credit the strict anti-copying measures that occurred during the exams for the number of students' exams recorded. The 63 sponsors submitted the request to the motivator and the examiner found that they were promoting and using unjust methods during the exam. Compared to the previous year, the UP committee saw 9.15 students enrolling hundreds of thousands of registered students for secondary and intermediate exams.

"The installation of a large number of policemen in all inspection centers, strict instructions to allow staff to monitor the use of unfair methods and other measures aimed at ensuring the fair examination will be recorded. With the number of students on board

Last year, 11,27,815 people skip. The major resigned midway, while 136 deaths were attached to inspectors, inspectors and the head of the center for unjustified release and promotion of copying. The number of 58,06,922 students enrolled in high school and intermediate exams this year

While enrolling 31,95,603 secondary schools, 26,11,319 enrollment, intermediate exams. Last year, 67,22,768 people registered for the examination, including 36,56,272 people for secondary schools and 30,66,496 people for intermediate exams.

A total of 8,354 test centers were established in 75 districts of all 1,314 centers. Important centers were identified as sensitive, while 448 centers were identified as highly sensitive. This year, not only But installing CCTV cameras and voice recorders at all monitoring centers, the recording of video and audio of the CCTV cameras is still being monitored continuously.

Secondary school exams beginning on February 7 receive more than 14 days on Thursday (February 28), while the middle exam after beginning on February 7 will receive more than 16 working days (March 2).