Apply for JNU first online entrance examination from 15 March 2019

At first, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) will conduct entrance examinations online for postgraduate, postgraduate, M Phil and PhD courses in the 2019-20 semester. The JNU entrance examination (JNUEE) will be held from 27 May to 30 May and the registration process will begin on 15 March.

For the first time, the entrance examination for all courses will be held in multiple choice questions (MCQs). JNU administration announced on Wednesday.

According to the statement issued by the Deepak Gaur recruitment director, the registration process will be closed on April 15. Students will have the option to edit their application form from 17 April to 19 April.

The examination will be conducted in collaboration with the National Testing Agency (NTA). "JNU will use the digital system in the selection process to meet key educational institutions and central universities such as IIT, BHU, University of Delhi, Central University. With general entrance examinations and other entrance examinations. JNU will operate in 127 cities across India, which increases 2.5 times from the previous year, "Gaur said.

The amount of seats for this academic year is 3,383 in all 1,043 programs for the M Phil and PhD courses.

Gaur said that the MCQ model will bring complete integrity in the audit process, making the system more transparent.

"Computer-based testing consists of select questions answered in all subjects and does not require special knowledge about computers or technical expertise," he said. Adding the NTA will show the correct answers to questions after the exam.

The list of candidates who have been selected as viva for MPhil and Ph.D. will be announced uncertainly by June 10. The list of merit for viva unspecified courses will be published by June 18, while for viva Will be announced

The university said that the NTA will organize a training center for applicants before the entrance. "For the benefit of all students, the NTA will create an accessible training center where all applicants will be able to become familiar with computer testing," Gaur said.

The JNU Students' Union (JNUSU) accused the "steep rise" in the tuition fee structure of all courses. They accused the management of uploading the prospectus on the website and then deleting it.

"The administration will take all one decision to privatize higher education in JNU and terminate freedom and the endless education system here," the union member said and announced an online entrance attack.

"According to the prospectus uploaded by the management, they have linked the M Phil and PhD program together. We will continue to fight," the union member said.

Mr Punnum Khutaya, the public relations officer of JNU, said the university did not upload the prospectus and the NTA will upload by March 15.