Court clears way for DDA to remove shops in West Delhi

The Dwarka court on March 14 has canceled a permanent ban that has been filed with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in December 2016, prohibiting the removal of all three stores located in the middle of Dabri Palam Road.

This will greatly alleviate the suffering for the residents of Dwarka because the stretched road has become a bottleneck with heavy traffic.

Ajay Mittal, owner and property owner Davinder Kumar agreed to deliver the property to DDA by March 28, 2019 to request compensation. Additional district judge Kanwaljeet Arora ordered DDA to pay them a total of approximately Rs 60,000 within 30 days from the owner leaving the property. The court ordered DDA to pay an additional 18% interest per year if not Can pay compensation within the specified period

Even after Dabri's construction flew on Pankha Road, the road was still roaring because there were three stores located in the middle of a slippery road connecting the Pankha road to Dwarka. The road was 150 feet wide, falling below 20 feet at the point. Where all three stores are located This results in traffic jams and accidents.

The court's ruling also noted that due to the three properties, "most people are facing a lot of traffic jams because of the number of passengers being forced to take the wrong side of the road, which sometimes causes accidents. And loss of life "

Kapil Narang, a resident of Dwarka and a regular passenger on the route, said he hoped that he would no longer be stuck in traffic due to a bottleneck near the overpass. "For the Dwarka people, it would be a blessing because I spent many hours waiting. Through that bottleneck Due to this bottleneck causing traffic jams to Janakpuri, "Narang said.

Aam Aadmi (AAP) leader Sanjey Puri and one of the complainants said that the removal of property will help to reduce the road to Dabri Palam, which is an important link to connect Dwarka to Pankha Road and the outer ring road. Use this road to go to Kurukram airport as well, so it will be a great relief, "Puri said.

Municipal companies have built bridges and slippery roads. But cannot find all the land Therefore, when the authorities try to destroy the shop, their owners move the court and stay. The DDA previously expressed a willingness to pay compensation to the owners if they agreed to change.