Neerav Modi can appear in a UK court through videoco

Indian diamantaire, Nirav Modi, who currently lives in Wandsworth Prison in Southwest London, is likely to appear in the Westminster Judge's Court on March 29 through the 48-year-old Modi video conference. Was arrested on Tuesday, having been sent to an overcrowded prison after the judge refused bail despite having a £ 500,000 deposit

The official investigation of Modi's extradition case - the name "case management hearing" - will begin on March 29, when his defense team is likely to find bail again, unlike Modi, another person in India. Want, such as Vijay Mallya, Sanjeev Chawla, Ravi Shankaran has been bailed in the case of continuous and previous occurrences

Earlier this month, British Interior Minister Sajwad Javid endorsed India's request to extradite Nirav Modi to face financial irregularities in Punjab National Bank fraudulent cases worth 13,500 million. Rupee

The court of the judge, who is involved in the extradition case many times every day, hears the case of Jabir Motavala, who assists the suspect of the Mafia Don Doom Ibrahim Motiwala. Dan went to the United States to respond to charges related to money laundering and others. Motavala appeared in court through video conferencing, in which a person can pursue litigation in court and Philadelphia also
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