Indian Railway Ticket Reservations: All of you should know about the booking rules

Indian Railways provides online ticketing services via e-ticketing, IRCTC or Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, including the Railway Reservation Office and authorized travel agents. (Offline reservations) Indian Railways Administration reserves seats, berths, storage boxes and carriages according to the rules and conditions published at the training rates according to the Indian Railways website - Advance booking will take 120 days in advance for all classes and trains. Advance booking period (ARP) does not include the date of train departure from the train's website.

Can't book accommodation without having to buy the necessary travel tickets. There are no temporary accommodation reservations according to the railway.

The allocation of accommodation is done by the computer according to the predetermined logic. Efforts to provide compact accommodation to those booked under the same PNR (record passenger names) in the first come first served basis, according to the Indian Railways website.

The minimum age for relief benefits is 58 years in the case of elderly women and 50% concessions are basic fare only. For elderly men, the minimum age for concession benefit is 40 percent in basic fare is 60 years.

The cost of booking tickets will vary by booking type. Miscellaneous expenses such as booking fees, "super fast" fees, catering fees and GST taxes (goods and services taxes), if any, will be charged more from the basic fare according to the railway portal.

The departure time printed on the ticket is an indication and the passenger must check the correct time from the train station on the day of departure. Tickets will be printed up to 120 days in advance and any changes at the time after the ticket cannot be issued on the train website.

Any passengers who book PNR for travel in any class must present their original identity for travel.


When there is a reserved harbor for passengers, the intention is to provide sleeping accommodation between 21.00 hrs. - 18.00 hrs. If needed between 6:00 am - 9:00 pm Pass to the maximum capacity according to the railway site

Passengers whose name is in the RAC category (reservation to cancel the reservation) will receive initial provision of accommodation. Such passengers are likely to receive a berth due to the last minute cancellation of the booking of passengers who did not open at the time of departure on the train website.

Request to reserve a seat at the reservation counter, receive up to four hours before the train departure time. After this, reservations can be made at the current counter only at the station for up to an hour before the train departs and then the ticket / conductor on the platform will depend on the available seats / empty seats.

In the event that the passenger with the reserved seat / mattress does not open within 10 minutes before departure, the railway administrator may cancel the reserved accommodation and allocate to the passenger in the RAC program / waiting list in order of importance. Go to the railway site