Post Office Savings Plans: How To Compute With Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) Recurring Deposit (RD)

India Post or Post Department, which has a network of 1.5 hundred post offices providing small savings and insurance services in addition to regular postal services. Among the nine savings schemes that India post, deposit services that occur or RD accounts and monthly income projects (MIS) offer interest rates as high as 7.7% for the quarter ended March 31, according to the official website. India Post - Both fixed deposit, post office (RD) and monthly income project (MIS) provide guaranteed returns.

Given below are the key features of the monthly income program (MIS) and recurring deposits (RD): 

Minimum / maximum investment

The minimum amount required to set up a monthly income account is Rs 1,500. The maximum investment amount is Rs. 4.5 hundred thousand in a single account and Rs 9 hundred thousand accounts are shared, based on the India Post website. The minimum amount required to open an account. The actual fixed deposit (RD), on the other hand, is Rs 10 per month. There is no maximum investment limit.

Interest rate

The Post Office Monthly Income Account (MIS) draws a 7.7 percent interest rate. This interest is paid on a monthly basis as announced in India. While the RD Post Office account has a 7.3 percent interest rate, which is charged on a quarterly basis


Post Office MIS account due within five years The term of the RD Post Office account is also 5 years. However, the five year RD account post office can continue for another five years each year as India posts.

Early withdrawal

The MIS account of the post office can be registered for cash in advance before one year. However, if registered before three years, the post office will deduct 2% deposit. If you are in cash after 3 years, 1 percent deposit will be deducted according to the Indian announcement. In the event that the RD postal account can withdraw up to 50% of the balance after one year However, it should be repaid in one piece with interest at the specified rate at any time during the account currency. In the event that the depositor dies, the maturity value allowed in the Post Office (RD) fixed deposit is limited to Rs 50 currency under certain conditions.