Cash collection racket of 281 crores in MP related to the political party: I-T dept

The Central Tax Direct Committee (CBDT) on Monday said that the search by the Income Tax Department (IT) has detected "widespread and well-organized racket" of the collection of unpaid cash of about Rs 281 crore. Through people involved in business, politics and Public service

The quote refers to a search that began on Sunday and continues on Monday from several key colleagues and assistants, chief minister Kamal Nath of Madhya Pradesh.

"Part of the cash was transferred to the headquarters of the major political parties in Delhi, including Rs 20 cr [crore], which recently moved to hawala to the headquarters of the political party from the residence of the elders at Tughlak Road, New Delhi, "CBDT said in a statement without giving the name of the party or actors.

Meticulously recorded in the collection and payment of cash in the form of hand-written notebooks, computer files and sheets excel found and attached to confirm the above research results. Cash that does not account for 14.6 million rupees has also been discovered, in addition to 252 bottles of liquor, two arms and a tiger's skin.

"Instances of the Code of Ethics Violations are being led to the ECI notice of the [Election Commission of India]" added. The statement also said: "Search in Delhi in the group. Of the close relatives of the senior actors leading to the arrest of increased evidence, including the recording of incorrect cash transactions of Rs 230 cr [crore] siphoning money through counterfeit billing Over Rs 242 cr [crore] and the evidence of more than 80 companies in the tax system ".

I-T on Sunday begins searching and seizing action in groups in NCR, Bhopal, Indore and Goa based on data. "Trust" of "large collection, possession, and movement of unallocated assets". Such actions involve the participation of more than 300 IT staff in 52 of the four states who were robbed. Including the former special officer of Nath, in special duties. Pravin Kakkar, former advisor to Rajendra Miglani and an executive associated with Moser Baer, ??his brother-in-law company and Hindustan Powerprojects Pvt Ltd.

BJP leaders, including Prapat Cha, Secretary of State, Vice President of the State of Rameshwar Sharma and Vijesh Lunawat and Shantilal Lodha Elections, filed a complaint with the Madhya Pradesh bureau chief on Monday evening. To help Ashwini Sharma, we have filed a complaint with the MP Police for insulting the CRPF and interfering with the work of the IT department. "

Congress leaders and ministers in the government, Kamal Nath Jeetu Patwari said that this center works against the spirit of the central government structure of the country and soak up the political feud.

The response to the Indian Election Commission on Sunday stated that "enforcement actions" should be "truly neutral". People familiar with the matter said senior government finance officials wrote a letter to the body that action. Such is always neutral. The Election Commission officials will take action if they find that illegal money is being used in elections and alert the tax department about this.

Those who have been robbed include former special officers of Nath in special duties. Former Pravin Kakkar, advisor Rajendra Miglani and executives linked to Moser Baer, ??his brother-in-law company and a subsidiary of Ratul Puri Hindustan Powerprojects Pvt Ltd said of not Reveal the name

CBDT officials with direct knowledge about this matter say that Miglani and Kakkar searches are "the results of credible data of cash movements".