5 Indians out of 290 people died in Sri Lanka's Easter blasts, 24 suspects were arrested.

The death toll from attacks on churches and luxury hotels across Sri Lanka increased to 290 people and injured another 500, police said on Monday.

Five Indians were killed in an explosion in Sri Lanka, confirming that EAM Sushma Swaraj confirmed on Monday.

At least 290 people were killed among them, dozens of foreigners.

The Sri Lankan authorities arrested 24 people from a number of minority Muslim communities involved in the bombings that moved the island nation on Sunday. The PTI news agency reported

Clearly, there were eight bombings aimed at Easter worshipers and high-ranking hotels that were popular with foreign guests.

The explosion occurred at the main airport in Colombo, unraveling during the late Sunday, police said.

A nationwide curfew is scheduled on Sunday after the explosion was lifted on Monday by AFP reporters reporting a large number of people and tuk tuks on the streets of Negombo.

There is still heavy security at St Sebastien's town, which is one of the deadliest explosions.

Christian minorities in Sri Lanka - only six percent of the 21 million people who are strong - are targeted by violence in the past But never had this cruel effect

Read also the Sri Lankan bomber plane queuing at the hotel, buffet, and let down the disaster.

The explosion at least twice involves the suicide bombing, including those who line up in the hotel breakfast buffet before killing.

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that one of his nation was one of the dead.

The target church is the oldest St. Anthony Church in Colombo with a massive roof explosion.

The corpse lay on the floor of the church, covered with a patterned scarf and some white sheets stained with blood.

The cracked roof tiles and glass fragments that were abandoned with the plaster fragments were blown from the wall by the explosion.