Trump refused plans to send troops to Iran.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday was fired from a fake news report that US national security officials have reviewed plans to send 120,000 troops to West Asia if Iran attacks American forces. But vowed that if he was forced to choose Increased troops "

The first reported plan by The New York Times sent an almost equal number of troops to invade the United States, beginning in Iraq in 2003.

In answering questions about this matter, Trump said, "Now, I will certainly do that, but we haven't planned yet. Hopefully we don't need to plan for that. "But" If we do that, we will direct more troops than that, "he added.

Trump has cautioned Iran that "will be a terrible problem for Iran. If anything happens, I can tell you that They are not happy. "

The news report stated that the plan was ordered by John Bolton, an Iranian national security officer and attended the meeting with Mr. Patrick Hanhan, acting Chief of Staff for Joseph. Dunford, CIA Director National intelligence, Dan coat, among others

The United States sent a group of attack aircraft and b-52 bombers to West Asia last week, citing intelligence that Iran by itself or through a proxy could begin to attack American interests or allies.

It also uses batteries against anti-terrorism missiles and amphibious warships used for military transport.

The NYT report said some national security officials believe that Iran felt brave after Trump's announcement to withdraw troops from Syria and the presence of the US Navy.