MLM Scam in delhi. Delhi man cheated more than 50 investors of Rs 5 crores.

35 year-old textile engineering diploma The holder was arrested by the New Delhi Police Department (EOW) for allegedly cheating more than 50 investors in 5 million rupees by tempting them to invest money in Multi-level marketing plan for higher returns Said Friday

The suspicious Skoda Rapid sedan, Durvijay Yadav, bought with the money he had attached to the investor, was arrested from a house in Najafgarh of Delhi on the southwest. Yadaf was arrested from the house on Wednesday, police said. The police are now looking for Yadav's colleagues, whose investigation will lead them to catch all the sticks. Suvashish Choudhary, the police commissioner (EOW), said that Yadav's arrest occurred after an investigation into a fraud violation. And criminal conspiracy registered with EOW in 2017 from a complaint from an investor

Tomar asserted that he invested Rs.636 crore in multi-level marketing projects in July 2014 after he promised to give triple returns per year. In addition, he persuaded his friends and relatives to invest in this project and they put about 25-30 hundred rupees.

Tomar, his friends and relatives were rewarded in the first three months. In January 2015, Yadaf stopped paying interest and intimidated investors when they needed a refund. He stopped answering their calls, Choudhary said.