Delhi University releases subject-wise cut-off for BA programs

The University of New Delhi (DU) is the first to launch a cutting-edge program that is important for about 50 university undergraduate programs. Members of the admissions committee say there are about 170 different combinations.

Last year, 98.75% in the Lady Shri Ram College (LSR), BA (prog) had the highest cutting in all undergraduate courses. This course has been very popular over the past few years, with over 100,000 applicants joining this year.

This year, the highest level of the program is announced by LSR at 98.75% for two combinations - Economics - Political Science and History - Political Science Miranda is close to 97% cuts in BA programs (Economics - Political Science).

In the BA program, students must choose two disciplinary documents that cannot be changed in the last three years. Students must follow the same combination every three years. In this course, students can study economics, economics, geography and mathematics together.

Bijayalalaxmi Nanda, Director of the House of Miranda, said, "We have divided the curriculum into three groups. (Humanities, Commerce and Science) for students from all backgrounds to be able to study On that first day, we saw many candidates who came to attend under popular combinations, such as history-political science and economics-political science. "

Teachers show the increasing popularity of the course over the years due to the lack of a very long course structure which gives students time for exams, sporting events and extracurricular activities. In the opposite honors course, the course will have a deep length and focus on only one subject.

When asked about deciding whether to have different cuts this year, DU's senior staff said it was examining student side movements between different combinations in the college. "Sometimes colleges accept students. With specific combinations, then students change combinations in those colleges, "officials said.

"If students are enrolled in a specific combination, admissions should only be in that combination. If they want to change the combination, it should relate to the cancellation of the application and the application again. "

"The program is easier and with less fees," Santosh Kumar, Adrian Mahavidyalaya College Admission Administrator Which offers the maximum number of seats (592), BA courses

Rama Sharma, the headmaster of Hansraj College, which offers five combinations in the program. BA said the college analyzed data over the past five years to decide to cut down. Historical combination - Economics has cut the highest score in the combination of BA programs in college. He said