32 people killed while the bus crashed into Kishtwar in Jammu and Kashmir.

At least 32 people died and 18 others were injured when the overloaded minibus turned out of the road and fell into a deep gorge in the Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir on Monday morning.

"Thirty-two people died and another 18 were injured while five were important when the minibus with registration number JK 17/6787 was found in an accident in the Keshwan district of Kishtwar on Monday. The accident occurred. Close to Sirgwari, "Deputy Director Kishtwar Judge Angrez Singh Rana said. He said the true cause of the accident is still a matter of investigation. But the minibus is loaded too The helicopter was requested by Jammu to evacuate the wounded from specialized medical treatment at GMC Jammu.

Kishtwar is about 230 kilometers from Jammu.

Villagers are the first responders to experience an accident. The wounded were transferred to the local Kishtwar local hospital.