Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) cracks down on bank loan frauds.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Tuesday searched for locations of 13 companies and bank officials across the country for alleged bank fraud amounting to 1,139 crore,  rupees, the agency spokesman said.

Search and seize is one of the biggest actions at the same time and coordinates with the bank collector in the last time. CBI's leading brass, including director Rishi Kumar Shukla, examines actions throughout the country directly.

The agency has registered 17 cases, including three to the bank staff. The bank has brought fraud to the agency's notification. Conducting searches and taking action in over 60 locations across 18 cities, such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Varna, Punjab, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Bengal, Rule

The agency said that companies with search locations including diamond companies and hotels

"Agency officials swooped in locations in 12 states across the country to coordinate with supporters and company directors accused of the case," the spokesman said and added the search to 50 places of action involved. With over 300 staff

Initially, it was believed that corruption was worth Rs 640 crore when the search and arrest continued throughout the day. The body of the alleged fraud was pinned at around 1,139 Rs. Assessment of criminal evidence should be more registered, "CBI officials said.

With the initial charge allegedly ? 202 million, rupees. Diamond company ranked the list of the accused The total initial value of that group is between 800 6,800-7,000 crore. The company started defaulting in 2013.

In the evening, the agency has registered 17 FIRs across the country and additional registration procedures are continuing. They say In Mumbai, the agency has searched for many places with heavy rain and wet roads.