These ATM transactions are not counted as free transactions in one month.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) requests that commercial banks do not carry out financial transactions that have failed due to technical reasons as well as non-cash withdrawals, such as balance inquiries or account book checks as part of the transaction. Free for customers every month. At this time, transactions fail due to technical reasons or the lack of cash in ATMs will be counted as Correct This means that such transactions are considered normal transactions and lead to billing as soon as the customer pays the maximum number of free transactions in a month. These transactions "It will not be counted as a valid ATM transaction for customers," the central bank said in a communication with the bank issued on Wednesday.

The central bank has instructed lenders not to count failed transactions for technical reasons, such as hardware, software or communication problems, and the lack of saving currency at ATMs for customers. All scheduled commercial banks - including banks in rural areas, urban / state banks / districts, small central banks, small financial banks and banks, payments - as well as white ATM operators are guided not to do Failed Transactions, PIN, and Free Transaction Validation Allowed to Customers in One Month Non-cash withdrawal transactions, such as balance inquiries, check requests, tax payments and transfers, are not part of the free ATM transaction amount based on the RBI. "Therefore there will not be a fee charged for these failed transactions," the RBI added. 

As a rule, banks provide free transactions to customers every month. The amount of such transactions that are allowed to customers in each month will vary depending on factors such as type - whether it is an ATM or not, as part of the bank's ATMs, housing and ATM locations. For transactions at ATMs in the same bank network as the account, the lender will offer at least five free transactions in one month. For transactions at ATMs outside the home bank network But in one of the six major cities, namely Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, they offer at least three free transactions in one month.

For any transactions at other bank ATMs outside these cities, there will be at least five transactions for the customer free of charge according to current regulations.
Customers are billed for more ATM transactions and higher than the number of free transactions that are ordered. The cost used in the case of any transaction above the monthly threshold varies from bank to bank.