Indian Rupee falls below 72 against Dollar

The rupee on Friday fell below the level 72 compared to the US currency during the opening period due to continued outflow of foreign funds and losses in the capital market.
The rupee fell 22 cents to the lowest level in 9 months at 72.03 compared to the US dollar in the first period.

Rupees are traded in the range of 71.93 to 72.05 compared to the US dollar.

Dollar appreciation in foreign markets and continuous capital outflows affect domestic currencies.

The dollar index, which measures the strength of the US currency against the world level, increased by 0.15% before discussing the key addresses of the Federal Reserve Chairman, which is under pressure from Trump's administration to reduce Interest rate

Foreign investors are still happy with the sale of shares in the Indian stock market amid hopes that the government will delay the economic stimulus measures.