In a Tuesday protest by New Delhi police, an explosion from the past

We need you. "Read the leaflet with a photo of former popular policeman Kiran Bedi in a protest by police outside the New Delhi police office on Tuesday. That demand is based on the story of Bedi's tenure as DCP (North) in 1988, somewhat similar to what caused Tuesday's chaos.

Until thirty-one years ago, the police and lawyers of Delhi at the Court of Tissahari worked together - literally, under one roof. On the second floor of the court building, in the prosecutor's office and in the supporter's office, is the office of the Deputy National Commissioner. (Northern District) Kiran Bedi

On January 15, 1988, a man was arrested from a woman's toilet at the College of St Stephen SBS Tyagi, an officer who then served under Bedi, saying: "The man was arrested because of the theft due to a complaint from one girl He didn't tell anyone that he was a lawyer. The next day, when our officers were producing men in court with handcuffs, other lawyers recognized him and began the protest. The judge dismissed him. That is the beginning of the problem. "

Another official who did not wish to be named said at the time the incident launched a clash between the lawyer and the police. The incident that triggered the confrontation occurred a week later when the lawyer asked to meet. With Bedi in her second floor office. "On January 21, we were in the process of preparing a Republic Day. A group of lawyers say they want to meet Madam. She asked them to wait outside the office. They are angry and start destroying flower pots. This leads to a clash between the police and the lawyers protesting. There will be more clashes in the weeks to come. "

Lawyers continued their protests, and on February 17, a group of approximately 3,000 people raided the court grounds and attacked supporters and damaged their vehicles / property. The lawyer alleged that Bedi is responsible for both incidents - for ordering mace and engineering attacks by outsiders.

The government later established an investigation committee, which concluded that the arrest of lawyers for "theft" was "legitimate" but "illegal". It also described the subsequent police actions "non-discriminatory and unfair. "

On Tuesday evening, Bedi, who is currently the Deputy Lieutenant Governor of Puducher, said: ".... I'm still firm and refusing to expand as the lawyers are looking for a suspension. Further arrest / arrest the police that the person arrested for stealing did not identify himself as a supporter at the time of his arrest and also gave another name to the police.

In current events as well. "The New Delhi police should stand firm in what may happen," she said.

In September 1998, police Vasant Kunj arrested a lawyer accused of trying to resolve the allegations that took over the educational institution. The police were accused of blocking the request to create a lawyer who was arrested the next day. Some lawyers have accused him of defeating the police accompanying the lawyer when he was created in front of the Patiala court.

The lawyers around the court of justice worked in solidarity with the arrested lawyer. "Both parties show maturity and this has been resolved through discussions. The committee consists of police and lawyers questioning the incident, "said senior lawyer Karan Singh, former secretary of the Thai Bar Association's Patalia House Court, who was involved in the effort to resolve the situation.

Two years later, in June 2000, there was another clash when the lawyer stopped marching to Parliament. "The problem was resolved again through negotiations," Karan Singh said.