Iran central bank branch building set of fire, All Crypto community follows events.

An Iranian protester built a building at the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran in a town located in the city of Behbahan. cryptocurrency Closely following the develop

Official Twitter Profile of Free Being Company Being BeingLibertarian Published a video saying that a branch of the Central Bank of Iran in Behbahan in the south-west of the country was set on fire amid protests. Interesting. The reaction to a tweet was positive, with one user saying:

While one user responded with one word "Bitcoin" in a video posted on Twitter, the presence of the cryptocurrency community appears to be limited among followers.

Still, a link to the tweet found that it had arrived. Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin subreddits posted that upvoted 78% in the first and 64% in the second community.

News outlets dedicated to the Muslim movement ThePortal reported on 16 November that the building was set on fire amid ongoing protests against the government's decision to share gasoline and raise prices by more than 50%. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani defends The measure claims to be good for the local population.

Fuel consumption is limited to 60 liters (almost 16 gallons) per vehicle per month, down from the previous limit of 250 liters and prices have risen to 15,000 rials ($ 0.36). In addition, every liter that exceeds 60 liters will have to waste. Fines of 60,000 rials ($ 1.43)

In the city of Sirjan in central Iran, protesters also tried to set up a fuel depot as well. According to state media reports, one civilian was killed and several injured, and the protests ended at midnight.

According to Cointelegraph Reported in July, it seems that the US has an incentive to impose sanctions on mining. Iran's cryptocurrency