Wipro Q3 net profit increased 2.17% to Rs.2,455 crore.

Wipro's major IT services on Tuesday recorded a net profit of Rs.2455.9 crore in December 2019, which is 2.45% compared to last year's total profit.
Net profit attributable to shareholders for the same period last year stood at 2,510.4 million rupees, Wipro said in the submission.
Operating income increased by 2.7 percent to Rs 15,470.5 million during the review period from Rs 15,059.5 million in the same quarter of the previous year (according to Ind-AS).

Wipro, which receives a large amount of IT services, said revenue from its business is expected to range from $ 2,095 million to $ 2,137 million in the March quarter, which continues to grow at 2%.

Revenues from IT services stood at $ 2,094.8 million in the December quarter, which continued to grow at 2.2%, in line with the trend at $ 2,065 million to $ 2,106 million previously suggested.

"We have delivered a good quarter with global growth across all business units, geography and operations. We continue to focus on strengthening our client relationships, changing our channels and receiving great offers, "said Avida, CEO Neemuchwala, CEO and Managing Director, Wipro.
Wipro announces interim dividends no. 1 (0.014 USD) per shareholders' equity / ADS.