Zomato bought Uber Eats in an all-stock deal for $ 350 million.

Zomato receives Uber Eats in all agreements According to the report, the deal is worth about $ 350 million (about 2,500 ten million rupees).

As part of the agreement, Uber will get about 10% of its share in food delivery apps, according to Gurugram, and Uber Eats will stop as a separate legal entity. In addition, all Uber Eats customers will be delivered directly to Zomato.

According to The Economic Times, Zomato will not attract Uber Eats executives working in India. The Uber Eats team consisting of approximately 100 executives will be discharged or assigned to separate verticals within Uber. However, Uber will continue to provide services. Continue to call taxis in India, in which Ola will compete with competitors

"We are pleased to be the best of restaurant discoveries and build food delivery businesses across 500 cities in India. This acquisition strengthens our position in the category, "said Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal in a statement to IANS.

"We entered the food delivery in India in 2017 and today is when our travels use different routes. Zomato receives Uber Eats in India and we will no longer be able to use here with immediate effect. We hope that all of our users will get a better time with great food on the road ahead.

 Uber Eats India writes on official Twitter.

According to a separate report by TechCrunch last month, Uber is likely to invest $ 150 to $ 200 million in Zomato. However, these details have not been finalized.

The report also said that Uber estimates that it will lose around Rs.2,200 in its food delivery business in India last December. This deal is expected to help Uber reduce domestic losses. It also tends to help Zomato gain strength in the area, including parts of Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, where Uber Eats has a stronger presence.

It is worth noting that the deal was made when Zomato was about to receive a $ 600 million grant from Alibaba's subsidiary Ant Financial, which would give the company approximately $ 3 million.