A girl in Bihar India shows symptoms of Coronavirus, admitted in hospital.

ANI reported Monday that a young woman in Chapra of Bihar returning from China was hospitalized after a symptom similar to the rapidly spreading coronavirus, which killed at least 80 people in the country. Chinese.

"A girl from Chapra, who has just returned from China, is admitted to the ICU at a Chapra hospital after she shows signs of a coronavirus. She is currently traveling to Patna. She will be admitted to PMCH." Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) said that ANI

A doctor in Rajasthan, who returned from China, was suspected to have been infected with coronavirus, a blood sample of a patient suspected of being taken to the National Institute of Virology in Pune, state health department said

The Ministry of Health Union said Sunday that more than 29,700 passengers from 137 flights were screened for coronavirus infection at seven airports in the country until Sunday.

In addition, more than 100 people were watched in Kerala and Maharashtra after a coronavirus screening as Prime Minister's office last Saturday, reviewing India's readiness to deal with any situation amid global concerns in China

China on Monday announced an unprecedented Chinese New Year holiday in its latest attempt to prevent the spread of the rapidly spreading virus that killed at least 80 people and Infected nearly 2800 people in the country

As many as 43 have been reported from other countries, with the United States confirming the fifth case on Sunday. The maximum of eight patients reported from Thailand.

Most cases, both in China and abroad, have a relationship with Wuhan. It is said that the virus is caused by the seafood and fish market that sells wildlife.

China prohibits wildlife trading throughout the country, prohibits the transportation and sale of wildlife and quarantine wildlife, with government warnings about wildlife consumption.

Officials told reporters on Sunday that the information about the new virus was limited, although the infection was quickly identified and spread.