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Scientists of IIT-Kanpur developed software for Chandrayaan-2

<p>Scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-K) have developed mobility and production planning software for Chandrayan-2, which will help the rover to move and guide the path on the lunar surface. It will also save energy and time to reach the target area.</p> <p>The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will launch the second mission to the moon - Chandra Ran-2 on July 15. The mission is expected to reach the moon by September 6-7, 2019.</p> <p>Prof. Ashish Datta of the Mechanical Engineering Department and Professor KS Venkatesh of Electrical Engineering, who developed the software, said that the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has approved the planning and creation of map creation software by them.</p> <p>They say rover lunar software has been developed and designed in the country for the first time. &quot;It&#39;s been a long time. This makes the country able to find places among those who have lunar software techniques,&quot; they said.</p> <p>Professor Datta, who works on micro-sensor intelligent control systems and bio-robots, said it took a year to develop software using algorithmic methods.</p> <p>Land Rover equipped with software developed by IIT-K will track water and other mineral wealth on the lunar surface. Rover will send relevant pictures to the laboratory for further research and examination.</p> <p>This software works with a 20 watt solar battery and allows the rover to penetrate the lunar surface, trace the water and other chemicals inside. They claim that the experiment is fifteen times to track chemicals and Water can be done</p>
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The protest of the Bengal doctors entering the 4th day, the health services were...

<p>State health care services continue to be severely affected in Bengal for the fourth consecutive day on Friday, with young doctors continuing to oppose the chief minister of Mamata Banerjee.</p> <p>However, on Friday morning, junior doctors allowed patients to be taken to the emergency department of the NRS Medical College and hospitals closed from Tuesday. But they do not treat patients in an emergency that has been treated by a senior doctor</p> <p>The outpatient department remains closed in most public hospitals.</p> <p>The junior doctor received a strike on Tuesday to protest against the brutal attacks of two colleagues at the Nilratan Sarkar Medical College and Hospital on Monday night by family members of the eighth-aged patient. Year of death</p> <p>CM, a family health and welfare administrator, visited the state&#39;s SSKM hospital at noon on Thursday due to the ongoing disruption of medical services and warned small-scale physicians if they did not return to work. At 2 o&#39;clock in the afternoon</p> <p>According to Banerjee&#39;s warning, emergency services started at the SSKM hospital and Burdwan Medical College, but junior doctors refused to buckle down and continue to protest.</p> <p>On Friday, doctors in some parts of the country, including Delhi&#39;s AIIMS, came out to support their outstanding colleagues in Bengal.</p> <p>The Indian Medical Association announced that &quot;every day, the protests of India&quot; last Friday from the incident and expressed solidarity with outstanding doctors.</p> <p>All outpatient clinics and regular services will be suspended at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Safdarjung Hospital of New Delhi, with over 3,500 local doctors from two prominent hospitals.</p>
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Sensex fell more than 100 points; Yes bank tank 9%

<p>BSE Sensex domestic equity index fell more than 100 points in early Thursday trading amid heavy foreign fund outflows and negative global guidance.</p> <p>Index 30 stocks traded 130.35 points or 0.33%, down at 39,626.46 at 0940 hours. Similarly, the wider NSE Nifty claims 35.90 points or 0.30 percent, down at 11,870.30.</p> <p>In the previous session on Wednesday, the BSE measure settled 193.65 points or 0.48 percent, down at 39,756.81 and Nifty fell 59.40 points or 0.50% to close at 11,906.20.</p> <p>Yes, the bank is the worst performer in the Sensex pack, which is up to 8.73 percent after Moody&#39;s places the rating of private lenders under consideration to reduce the possibility.</p> <p>IndusInd Bank, Sun Pharma, Vedanta, Tata Steel, Infosys, Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj Auto and Tata Motors dropped to 5.75%</p> <p>On the other hand, L&amp;T, TCS, Axis Bank, Bharti Airtel, Asian Paints and Bajaj Finance increased to 1.20 percent.</p> <p>Experts indicate that the mood of the market is in a bad direction from the global market amid increasing uncertainty from trade negotiations between the United States and China.</p> <p>While the Shanghai Composite Index traded positively, Hang Seng, Nikkei and Kospi traded in the red in their early stages.</p> <p>The Wall Street stock market ended below Wednesday.</p> <p>Investors say that the outflow of foreign capital heavily causes investor confidence here.</p> <p>Foreign institutional investors sold a stock of 1,050.43 million rupees, while domestic institutional investors bought shares worth 271.15 million rupees. Temporary data available on the stock market last Wednesday</p> <p>In the Indian currency, the rupee slightly weakened at 69.37 against the US dollar.</p> <p>The crude oil price index in the Brent futures market fell 0.08% to 59.92 per barrel.</p> <p>(This story has been published from the wire wire agency website without modification to the headline-only text that has changed)</p>
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Car sales in May continued to slow down in the past 18 years.

<p>Private car sales in India decreased by 20.55% in May, compared to the same period of last year, the largest decline in nearly 18 years, due to the industry being affected by the credit slowdown, regulatory changes.</p> <p>According to data published by the Indian Automotive Manufacturers Association (SIAM) on Tuesday, sales of factory-vehicles that manufacturers sell to dealers - have been recorded in all categories except commercial vehicles. Small</p> <p>&quot;These things happen just because of the economic slowdown. The decline in sales started after the flood of Kerala last year and the industry began to swing in a negative direction after the highest oil price ever had, &quot;said Vishnu Mathur, general director of SIAM.</p> <p>Except October 2018, the period when sales saw an increase due to the May 11th celebration, which was the eleventh consecutive month when car sales declined.</p> <p>Passenger car sales in May were 239,347 units, compared with 301,238 units in May 2018. The final decrease occurred in September 2001, when sales fell 21.91%.</p> <p>To ensure that the election year has been reduced to indiscriminate spending, such as car purchases, but Mathur added that this year&#39;s decline &quot;never happened even during the election season&quot;</p> <p>Dealers are benefiting from unsold stocks, while some cannot accept goods because banks and lenders reduce credit.</p> <p>The credit problem is the result of a crisis in the financial sector of non-bank companies (NBFC) which have liquidity to squeeze and make the bank unwilling to give loans.</p> <p>As experts say that this has affected the buyers in the future as well</p> <p>&quot;There are various parameters for slowing down Does people&#39;s income decrease? No. The appetite of people in buying cars decreases or not? It is possible, especially when the NBFC crisis occurs. The availability of credit that people have reduced slightly. Most of the reduced sales will be in the entry-level vehicles up to the level of 7,000 l, with a 30% reduction compared to luxury cars. &quot;Kuching Singh, Deloitte India partner, said</p> <p>India&#39;s gross domestic product grew 5.8% in the January-March 2019 quarter and dragged the full-year growth to the lowest level in 5 years at 6.8%. The Indian Central Bank (RBI) in the latest consumer confidence survey reported Last week, the net share of respondents who thought they would spend more, whether now or a year from now The lowest time since September 2015, the first time that this information is available.</p> <p>&quot;The growth we saw over the past few years is extremely important on the basis of the needs of rural areas. The misery in the income of farmers and the agricultural sector in the last two years has begun to show growth over the past eight months or not, &quot;said Vinkesh Gulati, vice president of the Federation of Automobile Dealers (FADA).</p> <p>In addition, there are other factors, such as the transition to the new BS-VI release norms since April 2020, which means that manufacturers have delayed the introduction of major upgrades for their products.</p>
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Draft law is proposed to be 10 years in jail to deal with cryptocancies.

<p>Holding, selling or trading in digital currency, such as Bitcoin, may soon require you to be jailed for 10 years.</p> <p>Draft &quot;The Flat of Cryptocurrency And official digital currency regulations cryptocurrencies</p> <p>In addition to making it completely illegal, the bill makes holding cryptos a fault that cannot be found.</p> <p>cryptocurrency Is a digital or virtual currency that uses encryption for security and is generally based on blockchain technology, distributed ledger accounts enforced by different networks of Bitcoin computers as the most popular digital currency. in the world</p> <p>When there is a high chance of being used in money laundering cryptocurrency Many government agencies, such as the Revenue Department and the Central Committee of Indirect Tax and Customs (CBIC), have banned cryptocurrency</p> <p>The bill forbidding the use of digital money has been implemented for a while with Mr. Subhash Chandra Garg, Secretary-General of the economy</p> <p>While strict laws will be involved in dealing with people who indulge in trade. cryptocurrency India tends to have its own digital currency.</p> <p>&quot;The decision to launch Digital Rupee will be carried out after consulting the Central Bank of India (RBI),&quot; officials said.</p>
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Cabinet Approves Pension Scheme 3000 Rupee For Former, Shopkeepers.

<p>Modi 2.0 government at the first cabinet meeting on Friday approved a new program that certifies the monthly minimum pension of Rs 3,000 to retailers and self-employed carers after 60 years of age to comply with the contract of surveys. comment<br /> The decision at the Union Cabinet meeting, which served as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will benefit retailers and retailers of Rs.3 crore.</p> <p>Fifty million traders are expected to join the project in the next three years, said Prakash Javadekar, union minister, while briefing reporters at a press conference.</p> <p>&quot;All shop owners and self-employed professionals, as well as retailers with GST turnover below Rs.1.5 crore and aged between 18-40 years, can register to join the project,&quot; the official statement said.</p> <p>Those interested can register themselves through the hundred thousand general service centers nationwide. The government will provide the corresponding support on the member&#39;s account.</p> <p>&quot;It is an important initiative of the Prime Minister, which traders across the country are really happy. It shows the Prime Minister&#39;s concern for the country&#39;s trade community and we hope that at this time, small traders will be in the government Priority list &quot;The Confederation of All Indian Traders, Praveen Khandelwal, told PTI.</p>
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suffered a leadership vote.

<p>Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is likely to be voted the leader at the annual general meeting of social networking giants on Thursday.</p> <p>According to the BBC, Zuckerberg &quot;shouldn&#39;t lose because he owns 60 percent of the company&#39;s shares&quot;</p> <p>&quot;However, the percentage of shareholders who vote for him can indicate how much they have faith in leadership,&quot; the report said on Thursday.</p> <p>Trillium&#39;s asset management, owned by Facebook, worth about $ 7 million, is one of the supporters for Zuckerberg to step down.</p> <p>Chorus with Zuckerberg to step down as president of the company, as his leader failed to control privacy violations.</p> <p>Zuckerberg denied calling for his company to stop.</p> <p>In an interview with French broadcaster France 2, Zuckerberg dismissed the claims of Chris Hughes, an old friend and co-founder of Facebook, that it&#39;s time to break up Facebook because Zuckerberg gives unlimited power and Influence beyond anyone In the private sector or in the government &quot;</p> <p>Alex Stamos, the former head of Facebook security, asked Zuckerberg to downgrade. Stamos said Zuckerberg wants to cancel Facebook control and hire a new CEO.</p>
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Fraud from ATM: Two man cheat Rs.1.20 lakh.

<p>A man in his early 60s was accused of trapping Rs 1.20 million by two men who changed his ATM-debit card with a model and withdrawing money from his bank account on May 2 from Department stores in Region 57</p> <p>Police said that the person allegedly made eight transactions from the bank account.</p> <p>According to the police report, the incident occurred at about 8.30 pm when the injured person working with a private company was withdrawing cash.</p> <p>&quot;When I withdraw cash, two men enter the kiosk and start a conversation with me. I&#39;m distracted and one of them exchanges my ATM card with a model. I noticed that the card didn&#39;t belong to me the next morning when I saw the message on my phone about eight unauthorized transactions. According to my bank statement, they made a transaction worth Rs1.20 hundred thousand which includes Rs 50,000 through live transactions and Rs 70,000 as cash withdrawals, &quot;the victim said in his FIR.</p>
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Bitcoin climbed to the highest level in this year amid the comeback of digital m...

<p>Bitcoin rose to the highest level in the year, expanding operations that saw prices more than doubled since March.</p> <p>The largest digital currency climbed up to 10% on Monday from Friday&#39;s level and traded at $ 8,847 at 22:25 hrs. In Tokyo. The rival coin became stronger at the beginning of the week. Litecoin increased. Nearly 9% and Ether, the second largest digital token, increased by 6%</p> <p>Proponents of Crypto are supported by the latest news topics that show interest in the area from major companies. Fidelity Investments is finalizing a plan to buy and sell digital assets for institutional clients and E * Trade Financial Corp. is prepared to allow crypto trading. AT&amp;T Inc. says it will allow customers to use the BitPay payment processor to pay their online bills.</p> <p>Bitcoin increased by almost 70% this month, despite concerns from JPMorgan Chase &amp; Co.&#39;s strategy that its price may rise beyond &quot;True value&quot;, which is a concept that is totally disagreeable with the digital currency.</p> <p>Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst at eToro, said: &quot;Easier spending means more use and higher levels of use.&quot; &quot;Tipping points should be similar.&quot;</p> <p>Bitcoin&#39;s excellent performance this year is in line with the painful downturn that lasted most of the year and saw that the digital currency tumbled more than 70%. Bulls are betting that running may continue. Go when various institutions begin to build cryptocurrencies Or launching a project using Blockchain technology</p> <p>&quot;Spending two to Tango, merchants who get more crypto, encourage more people to accept and use it,&quot; said David Tawil, president of Crypto&#39;s Prorypthain Fund. &quot;That&#39;s very important.&quot;</p> <p>But the collapse of the crypto is still fresh in the hearts of many investors and not everyone who bet on digital assets will become widely accepted as those who love hope. There are signs that the rally is too hot. Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mike Mike McGlone wrote in a note. For example, the Crypto transaction has made the congregation wider, showing caution in raising prices again.</p> <p>&quot;This is still the melting of the cryptic winter,&quot; Tawil said. &quot;There may be a decline again before we get the true fundamentals and speculators and fraud that are expunged.&quot;</p>
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MLM Scam in delhi. Delhi man cheated more than 50 investors of Rs 5 crores.

<p>35 year-old textile engineering diploma The holder was arrested by the New Delhi Police Department (EOW) for allegedly cheating more than 50 investors in 5 million rupees by tempting them to invest money in Multi-level marketing plan for higher returns Said Friday</p> <p>The suspicious Skoda Rapid sedan, Durvijay Yadav, bought with the money he had attached to the investor, was arrested from a house in Najafgarh of Delhi on the southwest. Yadaf was arrested from the house on Wednesday, police said. The police are now looking for Yadav&#39;s colleagues, whose investigation will lead them to catch all the sticks. Suvashish Choudhary, the police commissioner (EOW), said that Yadav&#39;s arrest occurred after an investigation into a fraud violation. And criminal conspiracy registered with EOW in 2017 from a complaint from an investor</p> <p>Tomar asserted that he invested Rs.636 crore in multi-level marketing projects in July 2014 after he promised to give triple returns per year. In addition, he persuaded his friends and relatives to invest in this project and they put about 25-30 hundred rupees.</p> <p>Tomar, his friends and relatives were rewarded in the first three months. In January 2015, Yadaf stopped paying interest and intimidated investors when they needed a refund. He stopped answering their calls, Choudhary said.<br /> &nbsp;</p>
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Rupee rises 26 paise to 69.40 / USD in early trading before Lok Sabha election r...

<p>The rupee value rose by 26 points to 69.40 against the US dollar on Thursday&#39;s trading due to the seven-step Lok Sabha election vote counting across the country.</p> <p>Counting exercises are available in more than 4,000 counting centers. Most exit polls predict that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), led by BJP, is in the process of maintaining power for the second semester.</p> <p><br /> The strongest opening rupees at 69.45 at the interbank market, then increase again and touch 69.40 showing 26 gains at the end of the last trading session. The rupee was adjusted at 69.66 against the US dollar on Wednesday.</p> <p>Forex traders say that in addition to the Loka Sabha election results, crude oil prices are eased and the higher launch of the domestic stock market is also contributing to the rupee. Foreign funds flow out. However, the confidence of forex traders decreases.</p> <p>Foreign institutional investors (FII) are net sellers in the capital market, pulling Rs 965.02 crore on Wednesday, according to temporary exchange data.</p> <p>Brent crude oil in the market, which is the world oil standard, fell 0.58% to 70.58 dollars per barrel. The domestic stock market opened up strongly on Thursday, with both the Sensex and Nifty benchmarks that record the highest ever.</p>
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Milk is top in the list of unsafe food items in Delhi

<p>Data from the government states that milk and dairy products have failed tests. There are 161 items in this list, 21 of which are mis-printed and 125 are below standard. Fifteen people are not safe.</p> <p>Milk and dairy products tend to be unsafe or lower than other food products sold in New Delhi, according to a food sample test report analyzed by the State Food Safety Department.</p> <p>Up to 477 from 2,880 food samples. Both new and prepared samples tested by the Food Safety Department of New Delhi between January 2018 and April 2019. Quality tests failed.</p> <p>A large study by the country&#39;s food safety control agency last year found that 90% of milk sold and consumed in India is safe.</p> <p>Data from the government states that milk and dairy products have failed tests. There are 161 items in this list, 21 of which are mis-printed and 125 are below standard. Fifteen people are not safe.</p> <p>&quot;Normally, milk samples are not standardized due to the amount of fat or solids that are not fat less than the standards specified in the Act. Sometimes cows produce milk that is not standardized. Since it does not seriously affect health, we often do not prosecute small dairy farmers, &quot;officials from the government of the New Delhi government said with anonymity.</p> <p>In 2017, the national regulatory agency - Food Safety and Standards of India (FSSAI) - reduced the requirements for the amount of fat needed and &#39;Solid, not fat&#39; in milk to ensure a low sample naturally in these tests</p> <p>&quot;In general, milk may contain impurities such as sugar or glucose which may not be harmful to health. But is an impurity However, in the case of unsafe milk, contaminants such as soda and hydrogen peroxide may be harmful to health. Contaminants of fungal toxins and antibiotics can also find their way in milk if animal food or milk is not handled properly at the farm, &quot;said Kuldeep Sharma, founder of Suruchi Consultants.</p> <p>&quot;In order to ensure you receive safe milk, make sure that the packaging is in perfect condition. Check the best before the date and see if it is stored in the refrigerator in the store or not,&quot; he added.</p> <p>Most examples failed to test due to typographical errors, which meant that some nutritional information was ignored or typed incorrectly from 477 failed samples. It was found that 144 samples were found to be below standard and 90 unsafe.</p> <p>&quot;Food is considered to be lower than standard when the nutrient level does not meet standards, such as milk that has less fat Products with incorrect brand and substandard products will attract fines. But unsafe food can damage health and manufacturers are fined and vulnerable to imprisonment, &quot;a senior official from the Department of Health of New Delhi said.</p> <p>The law allows six months&#39; imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 baht for unsafe food that does not cause injury. Injury may result in a prison term of up to six years and a fine of R 500,000 in the case of death. The law allows imprisonment for at least seven years and a fine of not less than R 10 hundred thousand.</p> <p>The results show 180 &quot;non-standard&quot; food items failed to test, of which 59 items are not safe.</p> <p>&quot;These are food items that do not meet the standards set by law. But there is contamination with limited chemicals or having different components than those claimed by the manufacturer, &quot;officials said.</p>
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Trump refused plans to send troops to Iran.

<p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">President Donald Trump on Tuesday was fired from a fake news report that US national security officials have reviewed plans to send 120,000 troops to West Asia if Iran attacks American forces. But vowed that if he was forced to choose Increased troops &quot;</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">The first reported plan by The New York Times sent an almost equal number of troops to invade the United States, beginning in Iraq in 2003.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">In answering questions about this matter, Trump said, &quot;Now, I will certainly do that, but we haven&#39;t planned yet. Hopefully we don&#39;t need to plan for that. &quot;But&quot; If we do that, we will direct more troops than that, &quot;he added.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">Trump has cautioned Iran that &quot;will be a terrible problem for Iran. If anything happens, I can tell you that They are not happy. &quot;</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">The news report stated that the plan was ordered by John Bolton, an Iranian national security officer and attended the meeting with Mr. Patrick Hanhan, acting Chief of Staff for Joseph. Dunford, CIA Director National intelligence, Dan coat, among others</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">The United States sent a group of attack aircraft and b-52 bombers to West Asia last week, citing intelligence that Iran by itself or through a proxy could begin to attack American interests or allies.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">It also uses batteries against anti-terrorism missiles and amphibious warships used for military transport.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">The NYT report said some national security officials believe that Iran felt brave after Trump&#39;s announcement to withdraw troops from Syria and the presence of the US Navy.</span></span></p>
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As soon as you shop online in India, the hackers stand right behind them.

<p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">With the increasing number of Indians online and unheard of information, hackers turned their attention to countries with more than 450 million smartphone users and over 550 million internet users.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">This country has 366 million internet members in urban areas and 194 million in rural areas. A recent report by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) said</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">John Shier, Senior Security Advisor, Sophos, various organizations are struggling with phishing and other user-focused attacks in India.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">&quot;Maximum people do not trust that computer-based training (CBT) is effective and are looking for ways to improve the protection of users who are tricked into inviting malicious attackers into their networks,&quot; Shier said in a statement.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">The KPMG report in April revealed that nearly 86% of consumers in India worry about eavesdropping conversations or stealing or misusing messages via their devices.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">&quot;Increasing the number of connected devices and IoT will affect various sectors of information security and privacy. In response to this, regulators must create the necessary information security requirements, &quot;said Atul Gupta, IT consultant and cyber security leader, KPMG in India.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">About 87 percent of consumers are concerned that retailers will misuse or misuse information.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">According to Gauri Bajaj, Cyber ??Security Director (APAC), Tata Communications said that accepting cyber security is still a major challenge.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">&quot;Recent cyber attacks focus only on security risks that occur both inside and outside the organization. It is necessary that employees must be at risk of being violated and trained to respond to such situations, &quot;Bajaj said.</span></span><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">Not only phones, wearable devices such as smart watches are the front line of cyber security.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">&quot;The future of wearable technology in the AI ??world and predictive technology will be highly individualized, driven by data and intensive analysis. One of the bigger applications will remain in the health and fitness sector.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">&quot;However, the key to making this happen is to create a holistic ecosystem that tracks, guides, and designs individual plans for each person at a low cost,&quot; said Vishal Gondal, CEO and founder of GOQii.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">It&#39;s not enough to have an IT security team and having a strong culture about security is the next step in developing a security awareness program, experts say.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">&quot;Use unique and complex passwords for banks and online accounts, other finances for others. Use a password manager to organize and be ready to use. Use two-factor authentication (2FA) when available to increase account security levels, &quot;Shier said.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">Beware of clicking emails from unknown sources or deals that are too good to be true.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">Cyber ??criminals use similar-looking spam to trick victims with links to fake websites. Businesses should train employees about how to &quot;see phish&quot;.</span></span></p>
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Supreme Court today raised the Ayodhya land dispute case on Friday

<p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">On Friday, the Supreme Court will hear the case of Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid&#39;s politically sensitive political conflict and may report the delegation&#39;s delegation to explore the possibility of friendly settlements of old problems. For many decades</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in">&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">The judges consisted of leading courts on 8 March.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in">&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">The announcement posted on the Apex Court website said that the Constitutional Court led by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi will gather at 10:30 am to handle this matter. This will be the first time that the judge will accept the matter due to the dispute with the mediator. Friday is the last day before the court stops. Will be reopened in July. Other members of the throne are the judges SA Bobde, DY Chandrachud, Ashok Bhushan and SA Nazeer. The court has on March 8 set up three mediators and told to submit the report within eight weeks. Justice FM Khalifulah The retired Supreme Court judge is the chairman of the committee and the founder of Sri of Ravi Shankar and the Art of Living founder Sriram Panchu as a mediator. Panchu is a trained medium. According to court orders, mediation took place in Faizabad.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in">&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">Leading courts guide both parties - Hindu and Muslim organizations - to maintain maximum confidentiality during the mediation process that will be held on the camera.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in">&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">The court is listening to the objection of the Allahabad High Court Order 2010, which increased the area of ??2.77 acres between Nirmohi Akhara, Sunni Central Committee, Waqf and Ram Lalla [King of Children].</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in">&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">The court also considered the petition by the center, which wanted to release 67.7 acres of land acquired in 1993 around the site - except 0.303 acres, which had a real contradictory structure - the original owner. Suggestions for mediation on this matter were objected by the Uttar Pradesh government. Countries and Hindu groups, except Nirmohi Akhara, a religious sect that is one of the main groups of civilian suits But was greeted by the Muslim side The court had mediated for the first time that it was possible to resolve the dispute. At the trial, on February 26, the judge proposed a friendly resolution while telling the parties that they &quot;gave a chance. In intervention &quot;Seriously retain relationships&quot; &quot;Do not tell us history. We also read history. Do not tell what we already know. We can&#39;t control what happened in the past ... We can&#39;t control the past. We can only cancel the present which is a dispute in front of us, &quot;Judge Bodbe said during the trial earlier this week.</span></span></p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in">&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in"><span style="font-size:11pt"><span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">However, Judge Chandra Chud broadcast his doubts about the nature of the mediation that is binding and whether it will work in disputes with the character of the representative. &quot;There is no dispute between the parties. But is a wider dispute between the two communities Even if we go through mediation, how does it bond with everyone? &quot;He wondered.</span></span></p>
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India, China join hands on oil, On Monday 6 May 2019

<p>India and China are working closely on general trade concerns, including oil and gas purchase cooperation amid the backdrop of the United States being forced to pass taxes and sanctions on Iran&#39;s oil imports. Direct knowledge of the matter</p> <p>Efforts made by the world&#39;s second largest and third oil importers to find common points and energy cooperation are one of the key areas that both parties can negotiate for better manufacturers.</p> <p>After visiting New Delhi in March, Li Fanrong, deputy head of the National Energy Administration of China, both sides created a working group on oil and gas. This is the first institutional arrangement between the two parties to cooperate on energy, although they have many groups on issues such as anti-terrorism and border disputes.</p> <p>&quot;The meeting between the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas MM Kutty and the Chinese national energy minister, Li Fanrong, was held on March 26 in New Delhi to discuss cooperation in the oil and gas sector.&quot; One government official said.</p> <p>People familiar with the idea in the official quarter in Beijing said &quot;Both sides are talking closely.&quot; Cooperation in key areas such as oil purchases He confirmed that these problems were considered in a meeting between Kutty and Li in March.</p> <p>Energy cooperation for a period of time - Kutty traveled to China last October. But the issue received attention from the United States that announced the abolition of sanctions on Iranian oil imports last month.</p> <p>Iranian officials said Iran is an important country for energy security in India and China because it is one of the two largest crude suppliers in both countries and supply disruptions due to US sanctions. Of anonymity</p> <p>The economic benefits of India and China are also threatened by the announcement of Trump executives to terminate special agreements with India under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program and increase import taxes from 10% to 25% for Chinese products worth $ 200,000,000,000, New Delhi and Beijing are approaching to counter the trade barriers created by the United States, which pose a threat to Asia&#39;s major economies.</p> <p>Among the issues that India and China are able to do together are &quot;Asian insurance premiums&quot; charged by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), officials said. India is also concerned about the impact of US sanctions that began on May 2 and cut supplies from Iran, which account for more than 10% of the country&#39;s oil demand and the need to control prices.</p> <p>This new deal is a major change when India and China often compete against each other to buy shares in oil and gas fields in Asia and Africa. Their cooperation in energy is limited, and India is looking for opportunities to allow South Korea and Japan to join a group of buyers to create a group of buyers.</p> <p>People familiar with the development of both sides said that the cooperation was in line with the &quot;Wuhan spirit&quot;, referring to an informal summit last year between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping, who reset bilateral relations after a lone soldier. Doklam 2017. They also point to the transformation of Beijing on the list of terrorists Masood Azhar in Pakistan.</p> <p>Although India raised the issue of flexibility in sanctions against Iran, oil But the United States is not the offender On Monday, US Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross said his country would not guarantee cheaper oil sales to India because commodities were controlled by private companies.</p> <p>&quot;Oil is privately owned, so the government cannot force people to make concession prices,&quot; Ross here, to participate in the trade forum, told reporters.</p> <p>However, US Ambassador Kenneth Juster said his country is working with other manufacturers, such as Saudi Arabia, to ensure that &quot;Sufficient oil supply&quot;</p> <p>Although India has turned to alternative suppliers such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait to compensate for the loss of Iran, supplies from these sources are likely not as cheap as Iranian oil because Tehran is credited. 60 days and cover transportation, insurance</p>
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RRB JE Exam 2019 Recent Updates: The Rly Board exam gives you the opportunity to...

<p>The Railway Recruitment Committee (RRB) has provided an opportunity to change the choice of language examinations for successful applicants to apply for Junior Engineer Exam (JE) 2019 (CEN No. 03/2018). Old RRB (JE) will be held in April-May.</p> <p>Applicants will be able to change or confirm their language by visiting the link provided on the official website of RRB. Changes can be made from 10 am on 24 April to 23:59 hrs on 1 May 2019. Requesting a change The language will not be accepted after this time limit.</p> <p>For those who do not make any changes in the RRB JE 2019 exam, their language at the time of the language they choose while filling out the RRB JE exam form will be final.</p> <p>In addition, in the same notification issued on Wednesday, the Railway Nominating Committee has notified students who appeared in the RRB JE 2019 exam that they can view the exam papers of both English and the language they choose to use. Please remember that in the case of differences / differences / arguments in question between English and selected languages, the content of the English version will prevail.</p> <p>The Railway Recruitment Committee (RRB) has invited applicants for the junior engineer position (JE) earlier on 2 January 2019. The advertisement was released on 29 December 2019 with 1,333 vacant job announcements. later job vacancy</p> <p>Recruitment RRB JE 2019: Recruitment Process</p> <p>The recruitment process of RRB JE will involve two-step examinations: Step 1 Computer Test (CBT), Step 2 CBT Exam and Document / Physical Examination as appropriate. Selection will be based on morality based on CBT.</p> <p>&quot;Step 1 CBT is a natural screening and standardization of questions for CBT. It is in accordance with the educational standards and / or minimum technical specifications set for posting. The normal score of the 1st step exam is used for making a short list of candidates for the 2nd stage exam according to their advantages. Applicants who have been selected for Phase 2 will receive benefits. Bookings of the PwBD and ExSM communities will continue to be considered for that community for the next step in the recruitment process. &quot; Read</p>
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5 Indians out of 290 people died in Sri Lanka's Easter blasts, 24 suspects were ...

<p>The death toll from attacks on churches and luxury hotels across Sri Lanka increased to 290 people and injured another 500, police said on Monday.</p> <p>Five Indians were killed in an explosion in Sri Lanka, confirming that EAM Sushma Swaraj confirmed on Monday.</p> <p>At least 290 people were killed among them, dozens of foreigners.</p> <p>The Sri Lankan authorities arrested 24 people from a number of minority Muslim communities involved in the bombings that moved the island nation on Sunday. The PTI news agency reported</p> <p>Clearly, there were eight bombings aimed at Easter worshipers and high-ranking hotels that were popular with foreign guests.</p> <p>The explosion occurred at the main airport in Colombo, unraveling during the late Sunday, police said.</p> <p>A nationwide curfew is scheduled on Sunday after the explosion was lifted on Monday by AFP reporters reporting a large number of people and tuk tuks on the streets of Negombo.</p> <p>There is still heavy security at St Sebastien&#39;s town, which is one of the deadliest explosions.</p> <p>Christian minorities in Sri Lanka - only six percent of the 21 million people who are strong - are targeted by violence in the past But never had this cruel effect</p> <p>Read also the Sri Lankan bomber plane queuing at the hotel, buffet, and let down the disaster.</p> <p>The explosion at least twice involves the suicide bombing, including those who line up in the hotel breakfast buffet before killing.</p> <p>The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that one of his nation was one of the dead.</p> <p>The target church is the oldest St. Anthony Church in Colombo with a massive roof explosion.</p> <p>The corpse lay on the floor of the church, covered with a patterned scarf and some white sheets stained with blood.</p> <p>The cracked roof tiles and glass fragments that were abandoned with the plaster fragments were blown from the wall by the explosion.</p>
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Jet Airways lends 'Reasonably Hope' from a successful bid for a grounded airline

<p>India&#39;s jet lender, Jet Airways Ltd., said on Thursday that &quot;there is enough hope&quot; that the bidding process for airlines with airlines will be completely ended.</p> <p>Jet Airways, India&#39;s largest private airline, on Wednesday evening, halted the flight operations indefinitely after the lender, led by the Bank of India, refused to expand its funding. More to continue</p> <p>Service providers carrying the bank&#39;s debt of approximately $ 1.2 billion have been gradual for several weeks after not receiving a loan. Stop the gap of approximately $ 217 million from the lender as part of the agreed-upon aid agreement. In late March</p> <p>At the peak, the jet provided more than 120 aircraft and more than 600 flights per day. The airline, which has approximately 16,000 employees in the last few weeks, has been forced to cancel hundreds of flights and stop all flights in India due to dry capital.</p> <p><br /> &quot;The lender, after careful consideration, decides that the best way for Jet Airways&#39; survival is to receive binding bids from investors who display EOI and receive bid documents. On April 16, &quot;the lender said on Thursday Interesting expression</p> <p>&quot;Lenders have a reasonable hope that the bidding process is likely to succeed in determining the fair value of the organization in a transparent manner.&quot;</p> <p>CNBC-TV18 reported on Tuesday that Jet Lenders were invited to participate in a bid from four shortlisted candidates, including private companies, TPG Capital and Indigo Partners, India&#39;s wealth fund, investment funds. And National Infrastructure (NIIF) minorities in Jet</p> <p><br /> Jet shares, which fell about 60% last year, closed on Tuesday at 240.50 rupees per share. The Indian market closed on Wednesday due to a public holiday.</p> <p>Jet still has a market value of about 400 million dollars because investors are hoping to receive help.</p>
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RBI governor says India's economy needs to grow faster.

<p>India&#39;s central bank chief said that the world&#39;s fastest-growing economic growth must increase from about 8% to cope with poverty and other challenges.</p> <p>&quot;The expectation is that India should be better,&quot; said Indian governor Shaktikanta das&nbsp;at the International Monetary Fund meeting in Washington on Friday. In areas such as land and labor</p> <p>It is expected that India will have a real economic growth rate of 7.2% in the fiscal year 2019-2020 and will see inflation lower than the target due to the high oil prices causing upside risks. However, he also added that the inflation effect of the massive increase in crude oil, which is India&#39;s largest import, can be exaggerated.</p> <p>&quot;If there is a temporary increase in oil prices and declines again, it is obvious that the impact has been moderated,&quot; Das said. &quot;The continued rise in crude oil prices has certainly seen its existence as how&quot;</p> <p>Higher oil prices in the long term may affect India&#39;s growth, including the current account deficit, factors that cause the rupee to fall. The subsequent rise in oil has become the backdrop of consumption that has been affected by the crisis in the shadow banking sector and sluggish exports amid the global slowdown.</p> <p>The central bank last week cut its forecast for the fiscal year beginning from April 1 to 7.2 percent from 7.4 percent in the past. In addition, headline inflation and price pressures will not increase again. The next few months, which is a reduced rate for increased rooms</p>
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