Israel Bitcoiners file a petition bank to disclose Cryptocurrency policies

Israel Bitcoin Associate, a non-return group that promotes the use of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies. Reported Freedom of Information Complaint to the court in Jerusalem The petition tries to require local banks to disclose the policy regarding money coming from digital currency.

Globally, local news reported on August 19 that state banks must report the reason for denying transactions with the country's central bank, the Bank of Israel. The association previously contacted the Bank of Israel to request clarification regarding the encryption policy of commercial banks. But was reported to be denied

The president of Meni Rosenfeld told Globes that the Bank of Israel has just rejected the request because of industry secrets. This is clearly the inspiration for the association to move forward with the submission of a legal request for disclosure as a regulation.
It is reported that Israeli banks have denied the ability of the Israeli Bitcoin Association to open an account even if the association does not buy or sell digital currency. The report notes that this is likely due to the association's name, including Bitcoin.

Other merchants and businesses involved in encryption in Israel are having trouble depositing and complying with the remaining taxes because of cryptographic banking policies. According to some reports, traders cryptocurrency Cannot pay tax due to unable to deposit funds received through cryptocurrencies

Report tax authorities to know the problem But did not do as local BTC investor Ron Krause said "the ball is not in court"

  Wed, August 21, 2019 Read Full Article employed new CEO as Roger Veer Leaves has appointed Stefan Rust as the new Chief Executive Officer of Roger Ver, leaving the position as announced on August 2.

Rusty will continue to work on the development of new products and services for companies that promote peer-to-peer electronic cash. Comment on appointments

Before becoming the CEO of, Rust served as the head of the corporate and global business development division of Rusty. He was also the Emeritus Chairman of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. While he previously worked at Siemens technology giant, Lucent American telecom equipment companies and Sun Microsystems workstation computer manufacturers

However, Ver will not disappear completely. But will serve as the Executive Chairman of The announcement does not explain what role this role will bring.

In May, news that Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist, offered a libel suit after Ver called "deception and lies" in a YouTube video in late July. The High Court of England and Wales judges have dismissed the defamation case against Ver. 

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Bitcoin is the property of Chinese court rules - no objection to Crypto Ban

Last week, Bitcoin (BTC) was legally accepted by the Chinese court. cryptocurrency Should be considered as a digital asset The decision at the Hangzhou court on the internet has been considered with enthusiasm by some community members, assuming that Bitcoin is legal in the People's Republic of China (PRC), one of the most severe jurisdictions for the digital currency in the world. - and soon the local government may reduce the pressure on Bitcoin. However, some experts have less confidence to call it dissolving rules Be

China plays an important role in the crypto area, with the sharing of digging and trading of bitcoin. A large number of studies from the end of 2018 found that about 60% of all hash production capacity of BTC originated in China. While the exchange of digital currency within countries that are not facilitated is accounted for 60% of all global trading.

Even with such high numbers But China's coding industry is extremely limited due to legal suppression. In September 2017, the authorities in the country banned local exchanges and initial coin offering (ICO) from operations. As a result of the suppression of people in China can hold cryptocurrencies But cannot exchange legitimate money through the trading platform However, according to Kenetic Capital co-founder Jehan Chu, there are small regulatory loopholes: Prohibition does not prohibit people directly from exchanges. cryptocurrencies between each other, told Cointelegraph:

Ashley Tian, ??Senior Manager, Ecovis Legal Department R&G Consulting Ltd. insists that peer-to-peer trading is still legal. "Please note that buying, selling or holding digital money does not violate any Chinese law," she Told the Cointelegraph by email. Tian stressed that local people must use foreign exchange to buy digital currency. But also inform local regulators of the investment and tax payment

At the same time, there are reports from China suggesting that the ban 2017 can be extended to other cryptographic spheres, including digging and marketing. So early last year, there was news that local government agencies are considering banning the crypto mining in the country, while there are reports that separate districts in Beijing have banned all commercial locations from organizing events related to cryptocurrency

Especially while cryptocurrencies Obtained a rigorous examination in China. Bitcoin technology is a top priority for the government of the country. President Xi Jinping also refers to the blockchain as a technological advancement, while Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province. Jiangxi East of China hosts the Blockchain Industrial Park, a state-supported center for the development of the blockchain.

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Most Coins Trading Sideways with moderate losses, Bitcoin close to $ 10,400...

July 21 - Most large coins traded on the sideways, relatively quiet and have moderate losses over the past 24 hours, according to data from Coin360.

Leading Cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) broke through the $ 11,000 ceiling before yesterday But unable to hold the position and fell to the current price level of $ 10,406, down 1.86% per day. In terms of weekly performance, BTC has lost 2.20%
The second-largest ether encryption (ETH) has also slowed down and is trading at $ 221.26 at press time, down 1.34% on ETH, starting at $ 233.61 and marking the highest at $ 236.05 in the middle of the day before reaching the current price

XRP also experienced a slight loss over the last 24 hours, down 1.78% to trading at $ 0.323 at the time of the weekly chart of altcoin showing a 2.91% price increase with the lowest price mark of $ 0.293 in July 16

In the list of the top 20 digital currencies, with only Tether (USDT), EOS (EOS), UNUS SED LEO (LEO), Universe (ATOM) and Tezos (XTZ) that reported increased profits which XTZ increased 9.37%

The total market value of all coins is more than $ 288 billion. At the press, which is the lowest point of the day Daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies All at around $ 59.4 billion

As previously reported, today, BTC flows out of the main currency exchange BitMEX, especially higher than the inflow of funds after the company reported as a topic in the investigation 24 hours ago. BitMEX has an outflow of bitcoin worth 83 million dollars while only 12 million dollars came in.

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Bitcoin networks are moving $ 3 billion per day, up 210% since April.

Data that has been adjusted to remove noise and some artifacts, according to Coin metrics, shows an impressive uptrend in the USD value for transaction volume and coin transfers over the past 90 days.

On April 17, the average daily value was $ 1.04 billion, compared to $ 3.22 billion on July 16, which increased nearly 210%.

The highest coin has seen significant increases in volume compared to Ether (ETH), which increased 77% from the same period - from the daily average of 370 million to 657 million US dollars. XRP has seen a severe uptrend. At 61%, the daily transaction value increased from $ 152.5 million in mid-April to $ 245.6 in mid-July.

Bitcoin destroys the average mark of $ 3 billion per day on July 11. Coin metrics' data shows when the coin is circulating the $ 11,500 price point, even though it is trading below $ 2,000 today, earning up to 11.4% today. And more than 24% per week, the average daily trading value has increased steadily

The commentators argued today that the short-term downtrend of the coin was triggered by a response from the US government to Facebook's Libra coin, which extended to the area. Cryptocurrency More broadly

Peter Brandt, a veteran entrepreneur, predicts that the current market value can be solved by up to 80%, but there are still arguments that most damage will be caused by altcoins, not bitcoin.

On July 7, Coin telegraph Reported that the Bitcoin hash rate has reached a new record high at 65.87 EH / s. However, despite price fluctuations this week, the numbers continue to rise above 73 EH / s to press time.

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Facebook's David Marcus certifies that Libra will cooperate.

David Marcus, head of Calibra on Facebook, wrote a letter to President Maxine Waters and members of the House Financial Services Committee to prepare for the upcoming Libra trial, according to The Hill report on July 9.

According to the report, Marcus wrote, "I want to give you personal confidence that we are committed to taking the time to do the right thing."

In addition to being the Chief Calibra purse, LinkedIn also states that David Marcus is a co-creator of Libra.

Marcus's letter is just the latest gathering in Congress and Facebook for a long time since the publication of information documents for the upcoming Libra currency. This thing started back in mid-June when Waters wrote a statement showing the concerns and wishes that Facebook would stop working with. Libra said:

Waters and the House of Representatives Financial Services Commission also asked Facebook and partners to formally postpone the development of Libra.

On July 2, a group of supporters sent a letter with their own questions, including a request for a moratorium on the development of Libra.

Marcus posted on Facebook on July 3 to address these concerns and to remind that Facebook will play a limited role in controlling Libra-like cryptocurrency Libraccryptocurrency. Among the hundreds of members expected of the planned Libra Association

According to the Cointelegraph Earlier reports, the House Financial Services Committee will hear Facebook's testimony about Libra on July 17th. David Marcus is rumored to testify in this trial, including the Commission of Inquiry. Senate Bank

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The European Central Bank calls for fast implementation of the Libra.

Member of the European Central Bank Executive Committee, Benoit Coler, said financial regulators must act quickly to prepare for Facebook's Libra stabilcoin, reported on July 7.

Later, Bloomberg, Coeure argued on Sunday in Aix-en-Provence In the south of France, allowing the development of new financial services and classes of assets in the regulatory oversight is not responsible, he concluded:

According to Coeure, digital asset development has revealed gaps in current financial regulations and underlined the slow adoption rate of banks:

The ECB approached the crypto assets with caution. In general, one bank officer predicted that the crypto would end up being "totally ridiculous" in January. The Bank also discussed the benefits and disadvantages of the central bank's digital currency.

Coeure's reaction was consistent with the expectations of Jeremy Allaire, co-founder and CEO of the payment company, in an interview with Bloomberg, published earlier this week. Allaire said he hoped that Libra would stimulate Develop national policy on digital assets

Last week, the US House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services asked Facebook and partners to stop the development of Libra stabilcoin. The request came from a letter from various advocates urging Congress to proceed with the moratorium.

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More than 39,000 stores can receive Litecoin with Flexa integration.

Flexa started payment by Blockchain from New York. Add litecoin (LTC) to the fifth crypto that is accepted by merchants in the payment network. The company officially announced on July 3.

Follow the list. Now, litecoin is accepted as a payment of more than 39,250 locations as Flexa tweeted yesterday.

Litecoin, the fourth largest crypto of the market, became cryptocurrency The first was added to the list of supported coins within the Flexa network since its launch on May 13, the company said.

Through the first application created on the Flexa network, Spedn, the company enabled partners to receive payments for the first time in four cryptos, including bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), bitcoin cash (BCH) and In particular, Flexa has registered GUSD as part of a broader partnership with the exchange of Winklevoss's Gemini, which is committed to ensuring that the infrastructure and security that has been achieved The control of Spedn

In this new announcement, Flexa described the option of displaying a litecoin item, claiming that cryptocurrency Resulting in low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, including "active communities of avid supporters and payment enthusiasts"

However, Flexa did not give any reason for the delayed release of the coin because its white paper was listed on the litecoin list as one of the four coins that will be supported in the first launch, according to an article published on

The authors suggest that Flexa has not yet registered litecoin to "take advantage of the excitement" around the upcoming Litecoin Halving, which is expected to occur on August 7, 2019 at the height of 1,680,000 blocks.

In April 2019, Flexza received $ 14.1 million in funding, led by Pantera Capital, 1kx, Nima Capital, Access Ventures and others, which were previously publicly launched in May 2019.

At the same time, litecoin has been rated "excellent" in terms of investment awards and recognition from the investment data provider Weiss Ratings in the United States on June 18. The Litecoin Foundation has joined as a partner in Debit card launch cryptocurrency Physical, allowing users to spend their crypto both online and in physical stores around the world.

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Canadian Startup wants to upgrade 10 Lakhs of ATMs to sell Bitcoin.

Coins Exchange in Canada receives software that allows traditional ATMs to sell. cryptocurrency such as bitcoin (BTC) according to the press release on July 3

Coinsquare announces the control of investment in Just Cash, the start of fintech in the United States, which develops software that allows users to purchase crypto directly via traditional ATMs without the need for additional hardware or additional mobile applications.

Based on undisclosed investments, the Just Cash team will join Coinsquare in and operate under the Coinsquare brand.

Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare, said that this new initiative reflects the company's mission to bring the core recognition to the encryption industry from Diamond data. Activating the purchase of crypto via ATM will enable "Finally came to many people"

Although the press conference will not specify the amount of Coinsquare ATMs that will target for the upgrade. But now, getting started can offer encryption capabilities for millions of ATMs around the world.

The news is among the latest reports about Vancouver, Canada, considering the use of special bitcoin ATMs (BTM) due to concerns about money laundering.

Earlier this year, Coinsquare announced the launch of the Shilling Coon currency, which was supported by the Canadian dollar (CAD). In late 2018, the company expanded its business to 25 European countries before it was reported that Coinsquare dismissed about 30% of employees in January 2019.

In late June Cointelegraph Reported that the total number of BTM has 5,000 locations in about 90 countries

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Iranian officials seized 1,000 bitcoin Mining Machines

Officials in Iran have seized about 1,000 bitcoin (BTC) diggers from factories that have been discontinued. Two BBC reports on June 28

As reported, local officials noticed that electricity consumption increased by 7% earlier in June and linked to excavation activities. cryptocurrency The officer later discovered and removed the digging hardware from two factories in the past.

It is reported that Arash Navab, an electrical official, said "These two bitcoin farms have been identified with one megawatt consumption."

Oxford researchers told the BBC that Iranian people turned to using bitcoin encryption rather than

Cointelegraph Recently reported that the Iranian BTC miners are moving into the mosque while the government launched energy suppression. Iran, which provides free energy to the mosque, now has about 100 workers in the place of worship, generating approximately $ 260,000 a year.

The Iranian government will cut energy use in crypto mining until new energy prices are approved. Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, the Iranian energy ministry official, reported that the miners encrypted "will receive their identification and electricity. Will be cut "added that the ministry must enforce such actions due to overcurrent electricity."

the unauthorized use of electricity for crypto mining has become widespread. Recently, police in China reported that there was evidence of people putting cables through fish ponds to steal energy from oil wells to refuel. Their hardware

In the police town of Klingenthal, Germany, there are reports that 49 computer systems are running at the location of the electricity service company in the past since 2017. It is reported that mining farms use up to 30 households. With damage to the electricity supplier that is affected by about 220,000 euros ($ 250,053)

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Bitcoin Falls dropped $ 1,400 after Major Crypto Exchange Coinbase crash.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped $ 1,400 within minutes after the failure of the digital currency encryption platform Coinbase.

Coinbase began to report that it was investigating problems with the API and website not working properly at 13:47 pm PDT on the status website.

From the daily chart of bitcoin prices in Coin360, bitcoin's marketing price and value began to decline around 1:25 pm PST just minutes before Coinbase's first announcement.

Within 2:13 pm Coinbase reported that the problem had been encountered and was working to resolve it within 2:38 pm The problem was resolved. Correspondent Cointelegraph That is checking the Coinbase account to confirm that the site is working

Today's mistakes, according to the performance report, dropped on June 25 and the crash event again on June 24, both of which were resolved within one hour of reporting.

The mistake was caused by today's rallies, which bitcoin surpassed both the $ 12,000 and $ 13,000 mark in a matter of hours.

At the press time, bitcoin seems to recover slightly from the 0.71% increase in the last hour and continues to increase by 9.48% per day based on data from CoinMarketCap Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $ 12,690.

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Europol arrested six individuals allegedly behind the Bitcoin theft of 27 m...

Europol, in conjunction with the South West UK cyber crime unit, the Dutch police, Eurojust and the National Crime Agency (NCA) of the United Kingdom, coordinated the arrest of six people suspected of stealing more than $ 27 million in digital money. For a press conference on June 25

It is reported that the attacker is involved in fraudulent typewriters, meaning fraud in order to steal identity information by setting up a fraudulent website with a name similar to an established website. Therefore, "typo" in "typographical errors" and from That records

In this case, the report states that Europol believes that hackers can use text typing to steal login details so that they can access customers' wallets and funds. Europol reports that hackers use this format to steal users at least. 4,000 bitcoin (BTC) in 12 countries

There are reports that all six people are in the UK and the Netherlands, according to Europol reports. Coordination with the British and Dutch authorities, which share information and evidence at the headquarters before the arrest.

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4 Big reason to cost of bitcoin might not stop at $ 20K at this time.

Since bitcoin's price continues to set a new peak every year, the question in everyone's mind now is whether it is different now or not. Let's see why there is nothing like the "bubble" in 2017.
According to many experts, pointing out that the BTC that is higher than the $ 10,000 psychological mark is likely to cause FOMO (such as fearing to miss), according to Tom Lee of Fundstrat, who adds that bitcoin can eliminate the top spot forever. easily

Institutions are not retail in the driver's seat.
Bitcoin entered the mainstream in late 2017. At that time, a record high of nearly $ 20,000 was mainly supported by retail investors. However, this time the public is still on the battlefield, mostly according to Google trends.

In fact, the number of Google searches for "bitcoin" is about 10% of what they used to do in 2017, or in other words, individual investors, FOMO, have not yet started. BTC price.

On the other hand, institutional demand for bitcoin has increased. As of June 17, the open interest that the CME group has 5,311 contracts, a total of 26,555 BTC, or about 246 million dollars - fewer volumes during the peak price 2017

Network basics better
According to the Cointelegraph report On Friday, the hash rate reached the highest at all times over 65,000,000 TH / s. In other words, Bitcoin is more secure than ever and will require compelling computational power to affect. network

At the same time, other basic factors also increase with the hash rate. The transaction volume, daily size, blog size and other indicators also confirm that there are more bitcoin users than ever before.

In addition, network transaction fees are still relatively low compared to 2017, with enhancements such as SegWit and chain scaling solutions such as lightning networks, reducing congestion.

Bitcoin prizes continue to decline for another 11 months.

The latest five-figure rally occurred before the Bitcoin block prize will be halved in May 2020. This is when the Digging Block award will be cut from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC, which will reduce the bitcoins created by the players. dig

It is interesting that the previous half events occurred during the summer of 2016 or more than a year before the price jumped. However, at this time, BTC / USD seems to have been operating earlier because the halfway still remains 333 days.

A bitcoin market analyst known as PlanB suggests that investors may not wait for this time to reduce supply. He added:

"Running ahead will be consistent with an effective market assumption: If you believe S2F and BTC will be $ 50k in May 2020, why wait?"

Bigger macroeconomic image

Of course, the movement of the BTC price during the day is not important for investors who want a low time. These "gangsters" are confident that Bitcoin, which has constant supplies, will be higher than the fast growing order currency in In the long run

On June 18, the European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi implies that financial stimulus is going on if the economy is not improving. This is an increasing tone that has been appreciated by the financial sector.

At the same time, Draghi was criticized by US President Donald Trump, who said that this would spark an unfair European competition with the US, which the Federal Reserve is proposing to suspend. Raise interest rates

Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek, tweeted that this will make bitcoin more scarce due to lower interest rates and more order currency creation:

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Bitcoin Break 9,300 US dollars because the US stock market saw a slight slo...

Currently, Bitcoin increases by about 2.69% per day, trading at around $ 9,341 at the time of viewing the weekly chart of the coin, up about 18%.

According to the Cointelegraph Earlier reports today that bitcoin has more than one million active addresses per day on June 14, according to the website Coinchain, Blockchain's statistics.

ETH holds the largest altcoin market price, which is currently under $ 29.1 billion. The second largest altcoin is Ripple's XRP with a market value of US $ 18.3 billion at press time.

Coin360 data shows that ETH saw an increase of about 1.5% over the last 24 hours. At the time of ETH, trading was about $ 273 a week. Coins were worth more than 15%.

XRP increased by only 4.2% over the last 24 hours and is currently trading at around $ 0.435 in the median week by about 11.5%.

Among the top 20 cryptocurrencies, only one loss of reporting is iota (MIOTA), which is reduced by more than 2%.

At the time, press the securities value according to the total market price of cryptocurrencies The total was 288 billion US dollars, almost 15% higher than the value reported last week.

Yesterday it was reported that the South American online market Mercado Libre worked with Facebook in the secret social network cryptocurrency Libra project.

In the traditional market, the US stock market is experiencing a slight loss today with the S&P 500, down 0.16% and Nasdaq, down 0.52% at press time, while the CBOE (VIX) volatility index increased by 2.36% Day at press time

Futures and major oil indexes have seen a sharp profit today. WTI crude oil fell 1.37%. Brent crude fell 1.37% and Tuesday in the US up 0.4% at the time of the OPEC basket, up 0.82. % And the Canadian crude index did not see a change in value in 24 hours as of press time according to the OilPrice price

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Bitcoin breaks $ 8,000 in the form of American stock market Sees Slight los...

Wednesday 12 June - Top 20 of the cryptocurrencies Reported that the profit rose moderately today, according to press time, because bitcoin (BTC) approached the $ 8,000 mark again after violating earlier today.

Currently, Bitcoin has increased by more than 2% on trading days, about $ 7,987 at press time, according to Coin360. See the weekly chart of the coin by almost 4%.

ETH holds the largest altcoin market price, currently at a level below $ 26.4 billion. The second largest altcoin is Ripple's XRP with a market value of $ 16.6 billion at press time.

Coin360 data shows that ETH saw an increase of approximately 3.15% over the last 24 hours. At the time of ETH, trading was about $ 248 in a week. Coins were worth more than 2.8%.

The developer announced the launch of the Enigma Intelligent Contract Test Network yesterday, based on the Ethereum network.

XRP increased by only 1.8% over the last 24 hours and is currently trading at around $ 0.396 in the median week by about 0.25%.

Among the top 20 cryptocurrencies, the most prominent report is the cardano (ADA), which is almost 10% litecoin (LTC) and tron ??(TRX).

At the time, press the securities value according to the total market price of cryptocurrencies Total was $ 256.8 billion, which is almost 3% lower than the reported value last week.

According to the Cointelegraph report Today, the winter of the crypto is ending. The top executives of the Digital Currency Group, a major joint venture company in the US blockchain group, said in an interview.

In the traditional market, the US stock market is experiencing a slight loss today, with the S&P 500 decreasing by 0.01% and Nasdaq decreasing by 0.2% at the press time, while the CBOE volatility index (VIX) receives 0.75% per day in Press time

Futures and major oil indexes have seen various moves today with 2.08% WTI Crude, 1.73% Brent Crude and Mars 0.02% increase in the OPEC Basket, up 3.5% and Canadian Crude Index. Saw the value decreased by 3.03% in 24 hours by pressing time according to the OilPrice price

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How to use bitcoin to invest in gold?

Gold and bitcoin enjoy the curious relationship On the other hand, there is a significant difference between the two investors, especially from liberals who do not trust the US dollar. But on the other hand, initiatives like #DropGold have tried to put bitcoin into a portable, more separable and more rare form of bitcoin gold and gold. Can live together or the supremacy of one thing or another. Not

Recently, bitcoin and gold have been presented as a centralized game with only one asset that can grow at the expense of another game. Grayscale Investments, creator of "Drop gold, buy bitcoin!" Campaign makes it clear in Their loyalty "is not that gold is not good, it's just a bitcoin better", they venture. This is a matter of debate, especially because of bitcoin's utility as a gold-value store, fiercely competitive in the digital money community.


Fortunately, you do not need to place flags in any camp to benefit from receiving both information. Regardless of whether you believe that bitcoin is best suited to store value or mediation in exchange, it is important. Similarly, whether you believe that gold is a safe haven that is not related to global currencies or is a more reliable alternative for bitcoin, which is backed by a reputation that has existed for thousands of years. If you see both values, it is useful to receive both without needing to change to a command all the way.

The famous stock broker and libertarian Peter Schiff allows investors to buy gold and silver using BCH and BTC via And receive the actual delivery The purchase of precious metals does not need to speculate that there will be care. In reality, in most cases, this is not the case. High-yield Cineso companies Kinesis initiated the EU and UK debit card program with the Contis group, using real assets of gold and silver as the basis for the currency. Digital money which is allocated 1: 1 with gold bars.

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Crypto Assets focuses on the most traditional investments in 2019

Last year, the proponent cryptocurrency Either complaining about low prices or celebrating the fact that they can get coins cheaper than 2019 is completely different. However, since digital assets begin to receive significant value compared to traditional assets such as oil stocks And precious metals

Digital currency has a great year based on five months until 1 June until the present. cryptocurrencies There are traditional investments such as oil, gold and popular stocks. Currently, the valuation of more than 2,000 digital currency markets is close to a quarter of a trillion dollars. There is also a $ 40-100 billion trading volume every 24 hours over the past few weeks. In comparison, the most efficient traditional assets are oil, which has risen over 29% since the beginning of the year.

Global charts showing all cryptoconomy hovered around $ 125 billion on January 1 and today the valuation is $ 273 billion. Which increased by more than 118%. The increased trade volume shows that on January 1, exchange was only $ 12.6 billion during the first 24 hours of the year and on May 28 the amount of global encoding is at About 83 billion dollars

This means that there is a lot of trading compared to the first year because the trading volume has risen 558%. Bitcoin core (BTC) is the sixth largest profit in 2019 with 132% profit. BTC starts the year at $ 3,746 and the price Today's figure reached $ 8,724 per coin. Other prominent leaders in the year 2019 during the past five months include DASH (105%), ETH (101%) and ADA (100%).

We will see that assets cryptocurrency Has made incredible numbers this year compared to traditional investment assets such as gold This year still shows the price movement that has a relationship between BTC and other cryptos, but there are a few separate movements that occur as well. Kripo's winter season recently made the community look pessimistic whether things would change in a better way or not. But the latest spring crib has created a new perspective that gains 100% -450%, an increase in phenomena every year. Cribe Crepe market will not stop causing many people to beware

All prices and percentages in this article are from the launch price of January 1, 2019 to the launch price on May 28, 2019. Information is collected from,, daily price and trading perspective. Articles, prices and market updates are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as trading advice and the author is not responsible for Lose or benefit because the reader has made the final decision to make a purchase Always remember that only those who have private keys can control "money".

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Bitcoin See Strong Benefits of $ 8,000 Again as Top Crypto

Sunday, May 19 - Most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies will rebound to report moderate to high profit levels. Today, Bitcoin (BTC) pushes below $ 8,000 again. Market recovery occurs after A clear correction on May 17, which followed nearly a week of tremendous growth.

Bitcoin increased by about eight percent on that day, trading at $ 7,928 at press time, according to CoinMarketCap. When watching the weekly chart, the coin will be close to 11%.

According to the Cointelegraph Previous reports in the analysis, especially numbers published by Luke Dashjr, the bitcoin master developer, show that more than half of the full nodes on the bitcoin network still use client software that is vulnerable to inflation errors. Discovered in September 2018

ETH holds the largest altcoin market price, currently at US $ 27 billion. The second largest XRP, XRP, has a market value of US $ 16.9 billion at press time.

CoinMarketCap information Shows that ETH has increased by more than 7% over the past 24 hours. At the time of ETH trading, about $ 254 in the week, the coin saw more than 35% increase in value.

XRP increased by about 7% over the last 24 hours and is currently trading at around $ 0.40 in a week. Coins are higher than 28%.

Among the top 20 cryptocurrencies, people who report double-digit profits are bitcoin (BCH) and dashes (DASH), up 13% and 10%, respectively.

At the time, press the securities value according to the total market price of cryptocurrencies All currently at 247.8 billion USD, which is 18% higher than the reported value last week.

Recent reports claim that the European Central Bank says cryptocurrencies There is no effect on monetary policy or factors on the real economy.

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Bitcoin Futures breaks CME's record with $ 1 billion in Notional Volume

Options and exchanges of the largest futures in the world, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade (CME group) and futures bitcoin contracts are considered high all the time on May 13, according to CME's record Exchange recorded 33,700 contracts on Monday, worth about 168,000 BTC (US $ 1.35 billion).

The CME Group bitcoin futures contract rose on Monday at the same time that the crypto spot market saw record volume. In the past few months, more attention has been given to derivatives products. cryptocurrency For example, during the second week of April, bitcoin cash futures (BCH) began to increase significantly before the latest BCH price increase. Crypto facilities and executives Sui Chung explained in detail. That the BCH contract in March is close to 50 million dollars or not During the same week of April 4, the CME group saw the first record of future contracts of approximately 22,500 BTC on 13 May. Options and advance exchanges announced:

Options and futures exchanges also saw a large uptick in the amount of BTC futures in February. Despite increasing trading volume, TFEX service providers reported a net loss of 17% in the first quarter of May 1. However, the BTC contract is quite high on May 14 and 22,234 contracts due to the amount of days. Near record levels.

The following news is announced from Bakkt Bitcoin CEO, Intercontinental Exchange and Bakkt Bitcoin have updated public information on Monday about the delivery of physical bitcoin futures, which are delayed for several months, according to Loeffler. User acceptance testing for Taking care of future bitcoin trading and planning for July, but Bakkt can receive approval from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) within the next 10 days.

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Bitcoin Moving Past $7,100

When BTC stopped at $ 6,000 a few days ago, few people thought that assets could increase to $ 7,100, which is the most important level until 2018, because digital money cannot be lowered. That level for several months In fact, it is very important to act as a support on the daily, weekly and monthly graphs. Nonetheless, and, behold, Bitcoin Bulls have successfully controlled the wheel quickly to drive the BTC through $ 7,100.
According to analysts "The Wolf of All Streets" Bitcoin "nuking [$ 7,100] in a single shot" is one of the "most bullish bullish movements" that the assets have done for the rest of its life.
In this view, only one person can be confident that if pulling back from the peak of $ 7,500 of Bitcoin recently, 7,100 USD should be considered quite well and may act as the lowest point in the country. However, this is not the only thing that makes BTC look terrifying. Last week, Fidelity's investment was revealed that it will launch a commercial operation service for tens of thousands of institutional clients, claiming 58%, which is quite interested in technology. cryptocurrency and blockchain
More important is the TD Ameritrade and the E * Trade, which are two large American brokers with large retail sales. It is expected to launch Bitcoin and Ethereum trading in the next few weeks.
There is a strong case for the decline. However, even under $ 7,100, Trader Cantering Clark explains that while continuous movement seems "incredibly bullish", BTC is still under resistance and is high. Than the 20-week moving average, according to the moving average of 20 weeks, as Clark has, and is likely to continue to act as the center of Bollinger Band of Bitcoin. It should be returned to the neighborhood level in the near future.
He explained that, as mentioned above, the BTC is "three good standard deviations from the norm" because this movement was driven by retail shorts. This recommendation that Bitcoin may see a return again soon, returning to a more organic and sustainable level due to slower buying pressure in the next few weeks.
And according to the BTC news introduced in previous reports, historical poetry will see BTC drop 20% to 25% here before entering the second stage of accumulation

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