Bitcoin Cash Meetups Go Virtual in Japan to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

The Japanese encryption community has found a way for those who want to avoid crowded places that are still participating in meetups across the country.

According to news sources available at Cointelegraph Bitcoin Cash (BCH) meet-ups in Osaka and Tokyo will allow members to regularly intervene in real events.

Although Japan has fewer than 1,000 cases of infection reported, companies and organizers in the hometown of crypto have begun to provide language with additional guidance in the announcement to reduce the spread of the disease. That is to say, people should work from home, reduce public transport time and not attend large gatherings.

The Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Encounter Group held two meetings in March, which had to be canceled due to the coronary outbreak. However, the meeting organizer BCH Akane Yokoo warned group members - called "cashers" or "Bitcoiners" on March 17, that the meet was actually held:

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Bitcoin subtracts profits in February, BTC price below $ 8,700

Market pricing in the impact of Coronavirus
The bell market has lost again in the past two days. But while writing the Dow futures, S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures fell 1.32%, 1.33% and 1.31% respectively, with investors increasingly worried. About the economic impact of Coronavirus, which currently appears on every continent except Antarctica.

The tech giants Microsoft and Apple also announced that they expect to miss important sales targets and are likely to affect the futures market.

According to The Fuse, Chinese refineries are processing 25% less oil than normal, and the International Energy Agency said oil demand can drop to 435,000 barrels per day, which is a lower figure compared to this quarter. During the same period in the year 2019

In addition, Russia and Saudi Arabia, both of the major OPEC members, have undergone a rift, which allegedly contradicted Saudi Arabia's decision to reduce oil production by an additional 600,000 barrels. Per day

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Attorney General Said, Israeli Banks Should Not Deny Services to Crypto Fir...

Israeli banks should not refuse services for companies involved cryptocurrencies According to Israel's Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit.

Instead of discontinuing financial services for all crypto companies, banks should closely monitor each case for risk indicators for money laundering or other illegal financial practices, Mandelblit told the Tel Aviv District Court.
Mandelblit's Stance - reported by Globes, Israel's news agency on February 19 - as opposed to the country's central bank's viewpoint, Bank of Israel.

During the year 2019, a number of Israeli banks have made accounts of customers receiving money transfers from crypto, according to Cointelegraph. That means some Israeli Bitcoin (BTC) investors can't pay taxes because banks won't accept deposits.

In August 2019, investors sued Israel for Hapo Alim, an Israeli bank of nearly 23 million dollars, accusing them of refusing to accept deposits of profits made by Bitcoin.

It's a similar story in other parts of the world. The Indian Internet and Mobile Association is fighting against the country's central bank's prohibition against providing financial services to crypto companies.

Mandelblit's position was filed in the case of Mercantile Discount Bank's denial in order to authorize the transfer from the local Crypto exchange, BIT2C, according to Globes. The position of the AG was based on the advice of the inter-ministerial team led by Erez Kaminitz, Deputy Attorney General. Of the Civil Law Department

The team consists of representatives from numerous agencies and government agencies, such as the Israeli Ministry of Money Laundering and the Terrible Fundraising Prohibition Agency, Israel's Capital Market, Insurance and Savings, and others.

Despite the position of the Israeli bank But the Israeli government is still following the blockchain technology closely Last month, the Israeli securities agency issued a request for information to identify regulations that prevent the development of a blockchain joint venture in the country.

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Crypto mining is not a government requirement. Ukrainian Regulator Says.

Ukrainian authorities say crypto mining does not require regulatory activities from government regulators or other third party regulations.

In the list of virtual assets published on 7 February, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine states that mining does not need to be controlled by government agencies, because this activity is controlled by protocols and network members.

Supervision results of the industry
The agency further stated that it will be involved in the development and use of decentralized technology, as well as the construction of sand boxes for their assessments and audits, and for assessing potential risks. With the market

The agency is committed to promoting the interaction between financial markets and virtual assets and developing effective, international best practices on virtual asset taxation and creating effective mechanisms to prevent Violation

Cryptocurrencies survey Active Ukraine

Ukraine seems to be actively exploring the digital currency and blockchain areas in the past few months. At the end of January, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine said that the Ukrainian Financial Status Monitoring Service (SFMS) will be an agency that Responsible for tracking the sources of funds in civic digital wallets. Therefore, SFMS will not only search for the origin of encryptionBut also checking how those funds were used

Last December, the UK government approved the final money laundering law that will manage virtual assets and virtual asset providers in accordance with FATF guidelines.

The new law has certain guidelines on how the government intends to monitor and control trading. cryptocurrencies One way to focus on each crypto transaction is worth less than 30,000 hrivnia ($ 1,300), which the government will collect the sender's public key for financial auditing purposes only.

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Bitcoin Blockchain Daily Confirmed Transactions Hit 5-Month High.

Hot from transactions with more than 500 million milestones, bitcoin-based transactions (Bitcoin) (BTCs) every day also increase.

The latest information available at on February 6 indicates that there are 315,370 days in the blockchain and 368,604 on February 5.

These are levels not seen since the beginning of the month. Sep 25 Sep - Even if they haven't reached the peak in 2017 Fri 2019, which saw that the network surpassed 450,000 tons per day

Green all over the board

While the market is looking for a strong green color, with Bitcoin now close to claiming a $ 10,000 price point: 5% growth in the week, making cryptocurrency is $ 9,800 at press time

The strong statistic of the top coin is in contrast to the heavily traded Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which last week did not find a single block confirmed for over five hours due to anomalies in the dig - a clear hindrance. Easily due to the network being relatively low usage

Aside from the Bitcoin spot market, Open Futures at BitMEX exchanges has risen to a new high of $ 1.5 billion, and live data from the Skew market reveals bitcoin futures on May 25 and June. 2020.

Previously Cointelegraph Report another major milestone in the industry as the overall value locked in the DeFi market is up to $ 1 billion.

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Crypto Payments on Dark Net Markets for the first time since 2015

Studies have shown that total sales in the crypto market increased 70% in 2019, representing a value of cryptocurrency more than 790 million dollars after seeing a slight decrease in 2018. This is the first time that sales have exceeded $ 600 million.

Despite all share of the encrypted payment in darknet remains low. But recent volume growth indicates the flexibility of the black market to increase legal oversight from regulators around the world. According to company data, the number of users in the past few years has remained black. Remained stable despite increased law enforcement

In particular, studies suggest that while some other closed markets still manage to fill the gaps and meet customer needs. While eight markets opened in 2018 were closed in 2019, 8 new markets opened in the same year, the number of active markets around the world remained at 49.

Possible causes behind the surge

According to Chainanlysis reports, increasing share of cryptocurrencies Coming to the black market is caused by the use of new technology, which makes the operating process more decentralized. To avoid shutting down by law enforcement, some black markets use a new, fully decentralized infrastructure similar to Tor's web browser or "with the blockchain itself," Chainalysis said.

As part of the study, Chainalysis said it expects to see more black markets accepting or demanding applications. cryptocurrencies For privacy-focused, such as Monero (XMR) in January 2019, the company found that the value of Bitcoin sent to the black market increased 70% in 2018.

While global regulators and enforcement agencies are trying their best to close the Darknet market that operates with cryptocurrencies New arrests report continues in early January 2020. United States citizens are charged with selling illegal drugs in exchange for Bitcoin.

While some markets are shutting down, others are planning more ambitious growth, in addition to the main focus on illegal product distribution. Russia's largest market, Darknet, announced a $ 146 million funding plan in Token offering, which will help the global market at the end of 2019, announced by Hydra, the illegal market for illegal substances.Token sales are not legal in light of ... Global securities law.

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Crypto Trading Software Sets Out Benefits to Using Multiple Exchanges

Crypto trading software determines the benefits of multi-point exchanges.
Executives at TradeSanta argue that using multiple exchanges means that daily traders have access to a wide range of partners, gain a broader view of what's happening in the market, and even benefit from speculation that the platform One more transaction

TradeSanta says it will reduce the downside of maintaining multiple logins with an easy-to-use API that allows all exchanges to be linked to cloud software. A step-by-step guideline has been created to help users connect to their accounts quickly and securely, including information that can help new merchants decide which exchange is right for them.

Once the exchange connection process is complete, TradeSanta says that users are free to set up a trading bot within two minutes. All they have to do is choose the partner they want to exchange.

From here, long-term and short-term strategies can be added, which means there is an opportunity to invest when the market is in a bullish and bear market. Accepting profit targets can be adjusted so that positions are closed immediately when the specified price level is reached and technical indicators can be relied upon, so new trades will be opened automatically when the market conditions are correct. These strategies can be created on their own - or if a merchant wants them, they can rely on predefined templates that work very hard for them.

Crypto trading occurs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which means it's impossible to stay above market movements all the time. Through automation, TradeSanta says users can seize opportunities without being constantly tied to computers or phones, allowing them to sleep or track their other business interests.

Transparent analysis means traders can receive detailed updates on how their bots work at all times, along with telegraphic alerts that provide instant notifications of fluctuations.

One million offers and counting.

Numbers from TradeSanta show that demand for automated platforms is growing strongly. There are currently over 1 million deals completed through software and traded over 14,500 bots while writing software - available on the web and through apps for Android and iOS devices - with a community of 36,500 users. Lively

The company has tried to provide a clear pricing structure that allows merchants of all backgrounds to find a package suitable for them. The free plan provides access to predefined trading strategies, unlimited trading pairs, and using up to two bot pairs at the same time. Subscription expands the number of available trading bots.

From an international perspective, TradeSanta has just released software support in new languages, including Turkish and Portuguese. The management said that this was a response to local demand - with insider information indicating that interest in crypto bots has increased rapidly in Turkey and Brazil.

The software supports major international platforms including Binance, Huobi, Upbit, HitBTC, Bitfinex and Bittrex, as the company connecting with BitMEX and OKEx will be coming soon.

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January 15 price analysis: BTC, ETH, XRP.


His crypto area is making a comeback and rallies will be led by altcoins. While many altcoins may participate in the rally for the first time, we believe the market will begin to differentiate between each digital currency based on its basis. Therefore, traders should avoid buying actors that do not expect a repeat of the previous bull market when every altcoin shows a parabolic rally.

Compared to altcoins, Bitcoin (BTC) is less than a few days ago. The possession rate, which rises above 69% on January 8, falls below 66% on January 15, on January 14, January 14, Bitwise Asset Management withdraws Bitcoin ETF deals of pending deals. With the Securities and Exchange Commission, the wait for Bitcoin ETF will be longer.

WisdomTree Asset Manager plans to launch a stable currency service in the United States with support from assets such as gold, fiat currency, or government debt. This shows how some of the larger traditional players are entering the encrypted universe.

Once the blockchain is widely accepted, its demand will increase. LinkedIn Learning, an educational field of professional social networks, LinkedIn expects the blockchain to be the most wanted by 2020.

cryptocurrencies Few important things have quickly gathered in the last few days. After the recent increase, how should traders approach them? Try to analyze the chart to find out.

After a few days of mergers and acquisitions, Bitcoin (BTC) returned to its $ 10,360.89 move. Increased movements may face resistance close to $ 9,500. But since the Bulls are back in the driver's seat, we expect That will be reduced in size

Our bullish view would be inaccurate if the price dropped from the current level or from $ 9,500 and fell below the major support at $ 7,856.76. Traders can track stop positions on positions that are as long as $ 7,600.


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Crypto Lending Firm BlockFi adds support for Litecoin and USD Coin

BlockFi, a major credit provider, has added support for two new assets in its supported digital currency list.

According to the press conference together with Cointelegraph On January 8, the company added major altcoin Litecoin (LTC) and USD Coin (USDC), which are supported by major dollars from the base of digital currency exchanges.

The new additions means that BlockFi users can exchange and receive loans including interest. cryptocurrencies Above Clients are able to receive monthly compound interest through the BlockFi (BIA) Interest Account. USDC offers a percentage return (APY) of 8.6% while Litecoin's APY via BIA is 3.8%.

Litecoin and USDC will be available in BlockFi's new trading platform, along with other digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Gemini Dollar (GUSD).

Increased interest in crypto loans

As the crypto crepe market continues to grow, new services and solutions related to digital assets continue to grow. Loans and loans Cryptocurrency Started to attract during bear market 2018

Crypto lending is becoming more popular for a variety of reasons, including low interest rates.Increasing the number of borrowers and investors receiving crypto is instantly convenient and an easier system for borrowers, such as those who do not go through. Qualifications for bank loans Get digital money easily

In addition, the crypto loan service helps holders cryptocurrencies Long-term another way of investing in their holdings aside from the "buy and hold" investment strategy. By presenting their assets for credit, they can receive interest rates that, in some cases, are higher than the proposed rates. In the traditional banking sector

According to the latest analysis by Cointelegraph The entire crypto loan industry is expected to be worth nearly $ 4.7 billion, with demand for crypto loans increasing rapidly.

To meet the growing demand in new jurisdictions, BlockFi has just received a money transfer license in the US state of Washington.

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Uzbekistan banned citizens buying crypto currency.

The government of Uzbekistan has reported that people cannot buy cryptocurrencies

According to news reports from local news station Novosti Uzbekistana, on December 25, the national program administration banned citizens from buying crypto even in an established exchange. This decision surprised many people as the country showed a rather sensitive attitude towards digital currency. In September 2018, the country's government signed a memorandum of understanding to establish and issue licenses for crypto exchanges, digging operations, and initial coin presentations. That same month, President Uzbek Shavkat Mirziyoyev ordered the creation of a blockchain development fund called "Digital Trust." In July last year, he also signed a decree on the development and integration of blockchain technology with Public administration of the country

Some exceptions for current crypto holders

While the new regulations prohibit citizens from accepting or selling cryptocurrencies But also allows trading restrictions for holders Current cryptocurrency. Holders of citizenship of Uzbekistan can sell their current investments in exchange for two licenses after going through the process of knowing your customers clearly to avoid the possibility of money laundering.

Any crypto assets that cannot be proven to be of origin are illegal to transfer or own in the country, reports from Finance Magnates noted that the law can prove to be ineffective because Uzbeks can use virtual private networks - or VPN -. In order to avoid banning and accessing foreign digital currency trading platforms. Countries around the world have come to play a heavy role in many aspects of the coding industry. Some officials in India try to completely ban the use of digital assets.

Russian financial regulators are accused of preparing to ban cryptocurrencies For products and services While some people in the industry are preparing for the upcoming crackdown, others say that the difficulty in enforcing such bans means that they are limited to just a set of intended "demonstration cases". Will prohibit citizens

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The Income Tax Department of India secretly trains its officers to investig...

The Revenue Department of India is training staff secretly to inspect. cryptocurrencies An internal guide circulated by the department describes cryptocurrencies Their features, "the dark side of Bitcoin" and best practices for tax officials

The Indian government does not consider cryptocurrencies Is money that is lawful But it has not been declared completely illegal. Crypto investors are still wondering how to show their investment in annual income tax returns. Due to all these situations, receiving money through cryptocurrencies It's a gray area for the crypto community of India.

At the beginning of last year, the Revenue Department sent details announcements to investors. Some cryptocurrency departments ask for details regarding income tax returns, credit and debit cards, as well as investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The department asks all 26 questions and 21 questions about investment, encryption, transaction in exchange. cryptocurrency By using the payment service through cryptocurrencies use crypto wallets and other crypto-related topics. Here are some questions:

Please specify that you are buying / selling Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies from Via cash or through peer-to-peer transactions

You are involved in digging by investing in your own physical settings or through digging on the cloud.

Have you received any bitcoin / cryptocurrencies for sales / services? Have you previously announced such earnings on previous tax returns?

Previously, in 2017 and 2018, the Revenue Department sent notifications to thousands of investors and encoders. Previously, the department had also surveyed important crypto exchanges to collect the details of each crypto merchant.

Internal training of tax officers

So how does the design department have these in-depth questions in detail? The answer is in the handbook "Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Forensic Investigation" created by the Central Committee of Indian Direct Taxes. The Revenue Department of the country has been training staff since 2017 to examine digital currency investments.

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Ether is priced at $ 160 as the Altcoin Price Rally and BTC Trades Sideways

Altcoins are still taking advantage of Bitcoin's side-by-side trading, and traders looking quickly from altcoin to to bitcoin matching at their alternate exchanges will notice that many altcoins are posting double digits again.

While writing THETA increased by 13.26%, KyberNetwork (KNC) 18% and TomoChain (TOMO) increased by 16.09%. Ether (ETH) failed to reflect these results. But at the end of 2019, altcoin methods are still looking to close the year with a 35% profit.

Price ince, November 27. Ether (ETH) prices have tracked below the long-term downtrend line. December 12 dropped to $ 139 for the fourth time that support has been tested since November 22 and altcoin is still there. The risk of falling to the latest strong support remaining at $ 131.61

Today's uptick volume shows that bulls are eager to protect $ 139 support and prices are now trying to hit the falling trend line at $ 145.35, which is consistent with the high volume nodes in the volume range indicator. Visible (VPVR)

Despite the vulgar bias of Ether But there are opportunities for swing trading which can reduce return on investment from 10% to 12%

If Ethernet can break through the downtrend line and cancel the resistance at $ 150, the price can run through the VPVR gap to $ 160. This will cause the Ethernet price to stay in a few dollars to set a higher peak every time. Day, which has never been seen since it dropped from $ 163 on November 24.

The ether price is also near the moving average of the Bollinger Band indicator at $ 148 and the upper band is at $ 155. Traders will notice that the moving average convergence histogram (MACD) shows that the momentum increases. Continues to rise and MACD continues to pull out of the signal line.

As shown in the 6-hour chart, Ether tries to cross above the 12-month moving average and the downward trend line. But the Chaikin Money Flow Oscillator (CMF) has risen above 0. MACD seems to be almost a cross bull and the RSI bounced from oversold territory and was on the route to 46.

Ethernet needs increased purchase volumes to drive through high volume nodes at $ 146.

As for changes to the Ether setting of the ETH / BTC pair, it is quite similar to the ETH / USD pair. The price is limited between the 12 EMAs and the downward trend line at 0.020190 (sats).

Earlier today, the ether price rose above the downtrend and the trader noticed the bull crossing on the MACD and the indicator's histogram has turned green and is currently higher than 0 strength index. Relative (RSI) entered the wasteland. It is climbing above 53

Support 0.019577 (sats) is good, but Ether will have a hard time getting higher than 0.020829 (sats). Traders may consider waiting for the price to reach 0.021101 (sats) or even higher at 0.021781 (sats). ) Before considering the program

You can say the same for ETH / USD pairs. Traders may consider to wait until the ether clears the trend from highest to lowest, setting a maximum higher than $ 152. Another way is to buy a reduction from the reduction. Down to $ 138.57, $ 131.50 has proven to be profitable, so traders may consider waiting for less risk than these supporters

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Software Researchers Detect North Korea's New Linked MacOS Malware on Crypt...

Security researchers have discovered macOS-related malware related to cryptocurrency New, which is believed to be the product of the North Korean hackers that the Lazarus group

According to the Bleeping Computer publisher on December 4, malware researcher Dinesh Devadoss found malicious software on a website called "", which advertises "the intelligent encryption arbitration trading platform." Referred to any download link, but hosted the malware package under the name "Union Crypto Trader"

According to researchers, malware can pull payload data from remote locations and run in memory. This is not normal for macOS, but it is normal for Windows. This feature makes it difficult to detect malware and Perform forensic analysis. Per Virus Total is an online service for analyzing and detecting viruses and malware. There are only 10 antivirus programs identified as malicious at the press time.

After analyzing the latest detected malware, security researcher Patrick Wardle said "Clear overlap" with malware found by MalwareHunterTeam In mid-October, leading to the Lazarus group, claiming that, at the time, researchers discovered that Lazarus had created another malware that targets the Apple Mac disguised after the company forged

In recent months, there have been many news about developments related to North Korea. In late November, US prosecutors announced the arrest of Virgil Griffith, who was accused of traveling to North Korea, to deliver a presentation on how to use crypto and block chain technology to avoid penalties.

After the arrest of Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin, he announced his solidarity with Virgil Griffith after receiving a petition to release the blockchain developer.

The United Nations Security Council sanctions committee in North Korea accused the country of using money laundered blockchain companies in Hong Kong.

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Bitcoin Prices Break $ 9,300 as Alts See Increased Profits.

Bitcoin price rose 2.06% today, trading at around $ 9,326 at press time. According to Coin360, see the weekly chart of coins up by around 0.89%.

According to Cointelegraph Earlier reports, today a former Texas Republican Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul received his first Bitcoin from a Bitcoin Foundation board member and the beginning of Bitcoin wallet founder Bobby Lee.

Ether holds the position of being the largest market-based altcoin at $ 19.9 billion. The second-highest altcoin, Ripple's XRP, has a market value of $ 12.7 billion at the time of press.

Coin360 data shows that ETH saw a value increase of approximately 1.64% over the past 24 hours. At the time of the ETH trading press, about $ 183 in the week, the coin received an estimated value of 1.09%.

CasperLabs, the Ethereum development company, recently announced "Highway", which is alleged to have proven Casper's use, proving the first and valid shareholding.

XRP has increased by approximately 1.32% in the past 24 hours and is currently trading at around $ 0.293. Compared to the last seven days, the coins rarely see any profit or loss from the price.

Among the 20 cryptocurrencies First, the only two-digit reporting is Algorand (ALGO), which increased by 14.43% at press time.

At the time of pressing the total market value of cryptocurrencies Totaled at 249.3 billion US dollars, about 2.8 percent higher than reported last week.

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Facebook Chat integrates into Calibra for the chatboat startup service

An article on the 19th September from the Israeli business newspaper Mark said Facebook received Servicefriends. Beginning to create a message bot for customer service for Calibra.

Announcing that Libra and Calibra are saying Facebook wants to reach consumers without banks and give them access to financial services, and to enable Calibra to be made available through specially created apps and through the WhatsApp and Messenger platforms.

Servicefriend Giving bots an artificial intelligence-driven messaging bot that can supposedly mimic human intelligence, understanding and attention at a level that customers will not know they are interacting with. The website says:

Cointelegraph Earlier reports that Facebook's Calibra digital wallet, which can be used to collect Libra crypto coins, will not be available in the largest market of social networks, including India. A spokesman said at the time:

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Starts new bitcoin ATM, Venezuela may have its first Bitcoin ATM.

Venezuela's first cryptocurrency ATM was installed on September 10 in San Antonio del Táchira, according to Bitcoin ATM Radar, a website that facilitates online searches for the nearest Bitcoin ATM.
Latin American company Panda BTM installed Bitcoin ATMs in a small convenience store named Viajes e Inversiones HC. cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and DASH, as well as the official currency of Venezuela and the Colombian Peso

Apparently, there was an earlier attempt to install an ATM Bitcoin in Venezuela. In late January, crypto company Cryptobuyer announced the installation and testing of a new Bitcoin ATM in Caracas. However, for unknown reasons, the ATM never existed.

Currently, neighboring Colombia has the most encrypted ATMs of any country in Latin America. That number is set to increase due to the collaboration between the global peer-to-peer bitcoin market Paxful and the blockchain-based company Medellin, CoinLogiq, who brought 20 new crypto ATMs to Colombia.

The world's first bitcoin ATM machine opened in Vancouver, Canada at the end of 2013. Since that day, the number of ATMs cryptocurrency Worldwide is continuously increasing

According to Coin ATM Radar statistics, the number of crypto ATMs globally increased from 501 in 2016 to more than 5400 in 2019.

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Bitcoin can't make $ 11,000 again, down $ 400 in an hour.

Bitcoin went up to the $ 11,000 price mark, which was as high as $ 10,895 during the day when it lost $ 400 in less than an hour of trading. The most popular in the world, trading at $ 10,350, down 2.12% per day.

The upward momentum that has risen in 12% for 7 days has made analysts excited.However, bull market sentiment may be short-lived now that Bitcoin has once again failed to break the $ 11,000 mark.

Cointelegraph Earlier reports, Filb Filb, a popular Bitcoin trader, pointed to the launch of the Bakkt institutional trading platform later in September, a decision-making period for Bitcoin. "Bitcoin is still consolidating above $ 10k. "He added:

Number one, altcoin Ether (ETH), became a glorified hero and is currently trading at $ 169 per coin, down 2.44% today.

Ripple's XRP token, which is trading flat for the better part of the week, is in the midst of a downward price trend showing losses of around 1.97% per day. At the press time, the world's third most popular coin will be trading at $ 0.25

The 20 worst altcoins were IOTA (MIOTA) decreased by 4.41%, TRON (TRX) decreased by 5% and Algorand (ALGO) saw a loss of 17.73% for 24 hours at the time of press.

On September 1, Josh Rager, a well-known crypto analyst, was filmed at Justin Sun, founder of Tron, and accused him of buying 5,000 to 6,000 Twitter followers a day.

Only three of the top 20 dollars in the market, receiving a small profit from the press time with Bitcoin SV (BSV), showed a small profit of 0.22% that day.

The total market value of crypto is $ 262 billion. As of press time, the share of Bitcoin is 70.9% of the total.

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Bitcoin price fights for $ 10000 support while Altcoins falls in 24 Aug

The Crypto market continues to be red, since Bitcoin (BTC) drops below the $ 10,000 mark many times within 12 hours.
Only two of the 20 coins placed by the market saw profits in the 24 hours that led to the publication: Cardano (ADA) and NEO (NEO) which increased by 1.3% and 2.6% respectively.

Bitcoin is trading at $ 10,066 at the time of publication, down 3.3% each day.The largest digital currency has fallen below the $ 10,000 threshold three times in the last 12 hours and fell below the day's lows. Friday at $ 10,078, according to data from CoinMarketCap While the loss in the last seven days amounted to 1.3% at the time of publication

Ether (ETH) which is a cryptocurrency The second largest market fell 2.3% and traded at nearly $ 190 at the time of publishing. The highest altcoin increased by about 2.9% over the past seven days.

XRP, the third digital currency by market value, dropped 2.2% to US $ 0.269 at the time of publication. Just like the XRP ether continues to increase - 2.1% over the past week.

Total market capitalization dropped from $ 270 billion at the beginning of the day to $ 263 billion at the time of release. Daily trading volume fell from 52 billion dollars to 49 billion dollars.

altcoin Monero (XMR) is focused on privacy, focusing on privacy, seeing the greatest loss in the top 20 in market capitalization, falling almost 5% over the past 24 hours.

Bank of England Governor Mark Kearney yesterday said that cryptocurrencies such as Facebook's un-launched Libra cryptocurrency could replace the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. Morgan Creek Digital Assets crypto investment indicated that Libra's stance support from the British regulatory authorities and the central bank indicated that the rapid adoption of crypto he wrote Twitter:

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Israel Bitcoiners file a petition bank to disclose Cryptocurrency policies

Israel Bitcoin Associate, a non-return group that promotes the use of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies. Reported Freedom of Information Complaint to the court in Jerusalem The petition tries to require local banks to disclose the policy regarding money coming from digital currency.

Globally, local news reported on August 19 that state banks must report the reason for denying transactions with the country's central bank, the Bank of Israel. The association previously contacted the Bank of Israel to request clarification regarding the encryption policy of commercial banks. But was reported to be denied

The president of Meni Rosenfeld told Globes that the Bank of Israel has just rejected the request because of industry secrets. This is clearly the inspiration for the association to move forward with the submission of a legal request for disclosure as a regulation.
It is reported that Israeli banks have denied the ability of the Israeli Bitcoin Association to open an account even if the association does not buy or sell digital currency. The report notes that this is likely due to the association's name, including Bitcoin.

Other merchants and businesses involved in encryption in Israel are having trouble depositing and complying with the remaining taxes because of cryptographic banking policies. According to some reports, traders cryptocurrency Cannot pay tax due to unable to deposit funds received through cryptocurrencies

Report tax authorities to know the problem But did not do as local BTC investor Ron Krause said "the ball is not in court"

  Wed, August 21, 2019 Read Full Article employed new CEO as Roger Veer Leaves has appointed Stefan Rust as the new Chief Executive Officer of Roger Ver, leaving the position as announced on August 2.

Rusty will continue to work on the development of new products and services for companies that promote peer-to-peer electronic cash. Comment on appointments

Before becoming the CEO of, Rust served as the head of the corporate and global business development division of Rusty. He was also the Emeritus Chairman of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. While he previously worked at Siemens technology giant, Lucent American telecom equipment companies and Sun Microsystems workstation computer manufacturers

However, Ver will not disappear completely. But will serve as the Executive Chairman of The announcement does not explain what role this role will bring.

In May, news that Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist, offered a libel suit after Ver called "deception and lies" in a YouTube video in late July. The High Court of England and Wales judges have dismissed the defamation case against Ver. 

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