Users in the UK and Europe can buy Bitcoin cash within the wall...

In the summer of 2017, launched an open source client, and since then has created more than 3.8 million wallets. We have added new features to the purse software and as of April 15, 2019. users in the UK and Europe can buy bitcoin (BCH) cash directly in the wallet. strives to be the leading destination for all your needs and our purse is a perfect example. Wallet Open Source is designed to be a safe application for sending, receiving and organizing. Store digital assets It has a simple interface for newcomers and veterans in the area. Our final wallet allows users to exchange between BCH and BTC using the Sideshift platform. This week, the launch of our latest client makes users in the UK and Europe can buy BCH directly from the purse. By incorporating our new Moonpay

With the new buy service, users of purse from Europe and the UK can buy cryptocurrency Quickly using a small credit card or debit card of BCH (worth 150 euros) can be purchased without the need for an official confirmation of your identity. If you want to buy a large amount of BCH up to € 5,000 per day and up to € 20,000 per month, you will need to check Roger Ver, one of the oldest investors in the area. cryptocurrency and CEO of explained during the announcement that providing this type of resource will increase the ability to access digital currency.

"We are committed to bringing economic freedom to everyone everywhere and we want everyone to be able to buy bitcoin cash easily," Ver said. "With our latest wallet features, it's never been this easy."

Because Wallet is not a property But will provide a safer solution for receiving crypto because there is no need to deposit money in a central exchange. After making a purchase within the interface, the BCH purse will be sent directly from the official seller to the owner's noncustodial power client. This is completely different from leaving the fund in exchange for a period of time. One for trading exchange Cryptocurrency That is confidential, which means that the exchange has full control of the user's money at all times

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Romanian central bank officials say that Crypto will not perform basic func...

Officials from the Romanian central bank said cryptocurrency Will not replace the currency issued by the central bank because it is not necessarily a currency The news was published by the local media store business review on April 16.

Daniel Daianu, Executive Council Member of the Romanian National Bank (BNR), reported that emphasizing the need to recognize the differences between institutions and their roles in order to ensure that those roles are not lost. The importance of creating the difference between blockchain technology and digital currency, Daianu said:

Romania - which became the first network in Eastern Europe of the non-profit Bitcoin Foundation of America in 2014, issued a draft of an emergency law that regulates the issue of electronic money (e-money) in July.

The draft reports that electronic money is "Money collected electronically, including magnets, represents claims from issuers who have received money for the purpose of payment transactions and are accepted by anyone other than the electronic issuer."

A recent report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) revealed that at least 40 central banks around the world are conducting research and pilot projects with blockchain technology aimed at solving problems such as financial integration, payment efficiency and Internet security. Use ten cases for distributed ledger technology at the central bank, including the development of the central bank currency for retail and other Very

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How to without difficulty find businesses that accept Bitcoin Currency near...

Retailers accept use Cryptocurrency Is still far from widespread, so you may need help finding a place you can spend This is how you can find nearby businesses that accept bitcoin (BCH) cash anywhere.

The Marco Coino app maps the locations of brick and mortar stores that you can pay with bitcoin cash (BCH). This service has about 800 listings around the world and you can use it to add your own business to mark the map. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices and can access the world map directly on the website.

To use Marco Coino, just download the app to your phone from the relevant app store. Using the location information of your operating system will display all stores that accept bitcoin cash near you. The service also allows you to plan routes to the store quickly and offer additional merchant details directly from the map.

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Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Binance Coin, Stell...

After the recent rally from the lowest level, one indicator has reached the level of purchases beyond the last seen in December 2017, according to Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mike McGlone. There was a slowdown for several weeks and McGlone expected to start after moving up in the past.

Many times the signal received from the indicator becomes false. More at the bottom or the top because the confidence takes a long time to change. For traders to become bullish after a long bear term is difficult. On many occasions, the first assembly from the lowest level can go to too many levels. But this is not like the excessive level as seen in the prolonged upward trend Therefore, it is not concluded that similar results will follow.

While minor modifications or possible combinations, the calibration of the annual low seems unlikely. Moreover, after a certain number of altcoins have risen above their lowest level and it seems that they will start to rise again. But due to the large amount of excess supply at all levels, the increase will be gradual and will decrease periodically


Bitcoin (BTC) is higher than $ 5,300 but cannot be maintained. However, it gradually moved up in the last four days, although the RSI has too many purchases. This is a good sign. If the price is not correct within the next few days, traders waiting to buy the Department of Intellectual Property will be forced to go to a higher level or miss the opportunity. Therefore, an increase of $ 5,900 would be possible. The rising moving average shows that the bulls are stable.

On the other hand, if the BTC / USD pair drops from the current level, it may be found that the support line is close to $ 4,800 and lower than that at the 20 day EMA. If both support the break, the fall to $ 4,255 may be possible. Is an important support and if it stops it will be a negative development and will indicate that the current move is only a gathering in the bear market. However, when looking at the chart, we give the probability of occurrence at a low level.

As the RSI has too many purchases, we expect a slight correction or consolidation for a few days after the uptrend should continue. Traders can keep the stop loss in the long position remaining at $ 4,400.

Conflict of interest / USD

Ethereum (ETH) broke out and closed (UTC time frame) above the resistance cost at $ 167.32 on April 7, so completing the ascending triangle pattern with a target of $ 251.64. However, there is a resistance at $ 220 Depending on the performance that is near the resistance, we may recommend booking from the complete position or closely following the stop.

Conflict of interest / USD

Our bullish view is not correct if the ETH / USD pair fails to test the breakout level at $ 167.32. In this case, the 20 day EMA reduction is likely to be below which the fall can be extended. To SMA 50 days. For now, traders can maintain the Stop loss level in the long position remaining at $ 150. We will follow the stop route in a few days.


Ripple (XRP) traded in a narrow frame over the past two days. We like the way it holds over $ 0.33108. However, the failure to drive higher prices shows a lack of demand at a higher level.


If the overall confidence changes to negative, the reduction to $ 0.33108 is likely. This is an important support because that 20 day EMA is close. If the XRP / USD pair rebounds from support, it will indicate strong On the other hand, if both of them fall below the support level, they can revise important support again at $ 0.27795.

In contrast to our expectation, if the price is higher than $ 0.37835, it is likely to be stimulated and moving up to $ 0.45, we do not find the risk of attracting rewarding trade settings, so we do not recommend it. Make trading

Litecoin (LTC) rose again from the cost resistance at $ 91 on the 6th and 7th of April, but could not stand. At present, the price is under $ 91. Now, the bear will try to drag the digital currency to the EMA for 20 days, which is a good support.


If the LTC / USD pair bounces off the EMA 20 days or reverses the direction from the current level, it will try to breakout and maintain a level above $ 100. If successful, it may cause a rally at $ 159 and higher is $ 180 due to moving averages. Both have slopes and the RSI is still in the overbought zone. The path of least resistance is upside down.

Our bullish view is not correct if the bear sinks below the moving average. In such cases, actions that have a large extent cannot be eliminated. We will wait for the digital currency to bounce strong support before offering a long position again.


Efforts to expand beyond $ 320 have failed to find buyers at a higher level. Bitcoin cash (BCH) is facing a profit booking that can be dragged to $ 265. If this support is broken, it is possible at $ 239 Both moving averages tend to rise and RSI is in the overbought zone which whi

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Brian Kelly Says Next Target for Bitcoin Currency is $6,000, With Crypto Ma...

Brian Kelly, the founder and CEO of Digital Currency Investment Company BKCM LLC, said that the next Bitcoin (BTC) target would be $ 6,000. CNBC told on April 2.

During an interview with CNBC's "Futures Now" program, Kelly said, "It could be a good goal [for bitcoin] for $ 6,000 for this move." Kelly's statement came at night that the coin jumped quickly. Moving upwards for the first time since November last year, breaking more than 15 percent and $ 5,000 mark. Kelly recommends the cryptocycenary market below:

"All the signs that we have - whether it is a technical basis, quantitative analysis we do - all tell us that at least we can start the process below [...] interesting things about the asana. It is going to improve fundamentals and improve the confidence of the institution. "

Kelly also feels that institutional investors are the main factors that make up the prices. cryptocurrency rise high by saying:

"Even the people with high net worth, family offices are seriously paying attention. There are two major brokerage firms that launch maintenance solutions, so there is a relatively low price which is below the surface."

According to CNBC reports, the price of purchase of 20,000 BTC was increased during the exchange, or 0.11 percent of the total quantity supply at 17,620,525 btc in the press time.

In February, Kelly said in an interview, Context said that Bitcoin is 50% less than the original price. Kelly, however, says that if Bitcoin gets $ 1,500 in the short run, then he will not be surprised.

Last month, Arthur Hayes, a cryptokurancy, another person and CEO of Digital Currency Trading Platform BitMEX predicted that bitcoin will return at this year's $ 10,000 value point. Based on Hayes data, the market will start to recover in the fourth quarter of 2019. "

"The hack is fierce in 2019, but the market will come back in $ 10,000. This is a very important psychological barrier. [...] $ 20,000 is the best recovery, however, it takes 11 months to $ 1,000 to $ 10,000. , But less than one month is from $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 to $ 10,000. "

According to press time, Bitcoin is trading at $ 4,790, which is getting more than 15 percent in the last 24 hours. CoinMarketCap was beaten for a short time before committing gold and $ 4,849 before trading at the time of pressure.

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Cryptocurrency banking and payment services launch in the UK and Russia

Coinacquiring, a London-based consulting firm, announced that it now has the help of opening a "crypto-friendly bank account" for companies in the corporate banking assistance sector to expand the portfolio, including services. After the search received a payment processing request fiat-to-crypto

Bank accounts can be used in many currencies, orders such as British Pound, Euro, US Dollar, Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen, along with many other currencies such as Coruna Czech, Romanian leu and Rand. South Africa They will also support immediate credit transfers, SEPA and Swift transfers.

Banking processing and payment services are in high demand in the business sector and the company receives multiple requests per day, such as David Jones, senior payment advisor of Coinacquiring Jones believes that the bank will change the crypto business because they do not fully understand how to assess the risks in the crypto industry.

To provide greater security and security to merchants Coinacquiring cryptocurrency Maintain relationships with many traditional financial institutions. "We have many leading banks in Europe that we work with and there are options for small banks that are far away."

Account opening fee Coinacquiring a fixed $ 500 account opening fee and additional fees are directly negotiated between the merchant and the relevant bank. Jones added that these processing rates are generally between 3 and 5 percent.

"We know how difficult it is to encrypt cryptographic payments," David Jones said in a press release sent by the company earlier this week. "We want to create a space where crypto businesses can focus on Create exciting products and technologies instead of worrying whether their banking infrastructure is reliable or not, "he stressed.

Coinacquiring Also providing assistance in opening foreign exchange accounts, although this service is not frequently requested. "As an extension of this, we will look for financial management solutions for exchanges that work in multiple currencies. command However, this is only a few months, "Jones explained.

The consultant stated that currently there are payment processing options. Many crypto-to-fiat and Coinacquiring Will not fill out any information if deciding to provide this type of service as well. "When we grow, I think it's reasonable to combine this for perfection more than anything else," Jones said when asked about the company's plans. in the future

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Market Update: BTC Long Hit New Low, ETH Langes Test ATH for 2019

The length of the main bitcoin (BTC) decreased by 38% in less than four weeks, down from about 35,900 to 22,218 from this writing. Dropped by the needle quickly up to 38,000, 5% high shy all the time

Curiously, both the length and shorts for the BTC dropped by about 27% during the week of February 18, which is the strongest week for the BTC trade volume for 2019. Short positions BTC recovered 19% to 20,600 during the week. March 4, since still stable They are sitting at 20,800.

Ethereum's long position (ETH) experienced significant fluctuations over the past few weeks, with the position decreasing by about 15% in two days after posting a new peak of around 531,000 on February 24 from February 28. Long, almost completely lost, increased by 18% in two days to sit at about 521,000

The LTC shorts range from 161,500 to 266,000 since the beginning of February. Currently, the shorts are around 236,300.

At, there are many free help services. For example, have you ever seen our tools page? You can search for exchange rates for past transactions. Or calculate your current holding value Or create paper bags and more

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Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC) is a strong possibility to reach 5,500, but the prob...

While writing Bitcoin, trading was slightly lower at the current price of $ 4,020 over the past several days. The volatility of the BTC has decreased as the company's trading session has strengthened.

Although the maximum extent of the current trading range of BTC will act as a resistance in the near future. But the important level that analysts and traders watch closely to see how Bitcoin responds to $ 4,200, which is where the crypto faces strong resistance and throws down from the end of last month.

Crypto Krillin, a cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, talked recently that he saw Bitcoin going forward. The important thing is that he believes that crypto will swing up to $ 5,500 anyway.

"The moment of truth for Bitcoin is very close. We flew straight through the clouds to 5500 or we visited 3000. I was adamantly bullish. "He explained in a recent tweet.

Yesterday, Galaxy, another popular digital currency analyst on Twitter, explained to nearly 50 thousand followers that BTC is nearing the end of creating a triangle, which means that the crypto is statistically speaking. In the next month or two

"According to Bulkowski's study, triangles are more than 60% by volume, resulting in a higher price ... with an average price increase of 35%. That gives us a target of $ 5500 BTC. Enclave, "he said.

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